10 Best Things about Being a Piano Player

A piano is a great musical instrument that has been popular since the middle ages. It is a large musical instrument with keys, paddles, strings and hammers which create beautiful music. As it is a large instrument, usually in a wooden case, pianos require a lot of space.

Many times pianos require an entire room and people tend to have piano rooms where they can go and play or practice music on the piano. The ability to play the piano is of great value to the players. The knowledge of how to play the piano helps people in many different ways. The following are some of the best things about being able to play the piano:


Advantages about Being a Piano Player

  • Pianos are a wonderful instrument to play. Piano sounds are soothing and people can spend hours playing the piano. It teaches patience and studies have shown it helps people become more social and interact in a better way with society.
  • Piano players learn many skills that help them become successful in their careers in the future. Playing the piano helps increase concentration, perseverance, discipline, management skills, and also improves the emotional intelligence of the person. These all skills help in business and dealing with day to day challenges of a professional career.
  • Pianos are available everywhere in the world as they are some of the most popular instruments. Piano players can simply sit behind a piano and play a tune and entertain themselves and people around them wherever they go.
  • Piano improves patience and also improves the ability to focus on a particular task which helps in the future. Practicing piano and learning how to play a piano for hour’s helps people learn how to focus on a task and also teaches children and adults patience.
  • Piano players can have lovely musical sessions with people who play other instruments. Collaboration can create beautiful music and also help players spend an entertaining musical time with one another.

  • Playing the piano is a very creative process. Playing tunes made by other players or creating new tunes requires a lot of creativity. Music touches the hearts of people and playing the piano is a method of self-expression. By playing the piano, people can express their emotions and feelings in a strong way through music.
  • Playing the piano can also become a fully fledged career. If piano players are very skilled, playing piano professionally can become a great career. Playing the piano at events, festivals and private parties can also help people earn a good living. Really talented piano players can also play at concerts and major events where their art is truly appreciated.
  • Piano players can also play in orchestras, bands and other types of collaborations and can earn a decent living through it. Piano works well with other instruments and many different genres of music can be played on the piano.
  • A piano is an instrument that many people learn as children because piano lessons are a common extracurricular activity. However, piano lessons can be taken by people of any age. Knowing how to play the piano can give joy to children, adults and also to the older generation. There is no age to play the piano and anybody can play piano anywhere in the world.
  • Piano players have very developed hands. This means that many times piano players can use both their hands to write and do not have a dominant hand. Piano playing makes players ambidextrous which is a great quality to have for most people.


There have been many famous piano players all over the world over since the middle ages. Some classical pieces are so famous, most people all over the world have heard them some time or the other.

A piano is a basic instrument used in songs, music for movies, background music, by musicians and bands and also by people working in the marketing industry to create jingles for advertising campaigns.

A piano is a very versatile musical instrument and to become a piano player has plenty of benefits as mentioned above. Using the piano playing skills in a professional way or playing the piano as a hobby, both are advantageous to people who know how to play the piano.