Best 6X9 Marine Speakers

best-6x9-marine-speakersMarine speakers are lovely but replacing them on a boat is never easy. Boats are fickle things because you cannot put in just any speakers especially if they are not weather proof. Boat speakers are quite different from regular speakers and while they connect to sound systems in the same fashion, they are easily damaged. If water gets into a regular speaker it effectively stops working and that is why marine speakers are greatly required on boats today.

When you are thinking about purchasing new boat speakers it’s wise to consider a variety of factors such as your budget and what sort of performance the speakers offer. Most will be searching for the very best but what does that actually entail? Does it mean it can survive a spray of water or does it mean offering clear sound no matter the volume? Space will also be a factor to consider as boats aren’t overly big so 6×9 speakers are the perfect fit. However, which are the best 6×9 marine speakers?

The Top 3 Best 6×9 Marine Speakers Reviews

Kicker Kicker KS693 6X9 3Way Speakers

Kicker has become a well known name in the speaker industry and with their latest, the KS693 three-way speakers, you will adore them too. They are very uniquely designed in a sense as the finished design looks something like a spider’s web which is appealing in a weird way. However, sound quality goes beyond all you know.

You can blast your songs high and still the sound from the speakers is crystal clear! That is an impressive feat to say the least. You wouldn’t think it would be possible to turn the volume all the way up and still get such clear and quality sound. You can use these without an amp and they work perfectly well but if you wanted to use an amp you can and they work much better. Of course, this will come down to personal taste and choice.

However, these are a little more expensive than other options so you might not be entirely convinced at paying out more than one hundred dollars for these. However, if you do, you won’t be disappointed and there is a lot of power that comes with them too. Distortion isn’t such a big issue and they are super easy to install also.


JVC CS-J6930 400W 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

These are the speakers that say a thousand words without talking! When you take a look at the J series from JVC you are going to find they are sleek and elegant. You can get a lot of sound quality from the JVC CS-J6930 400 W 3-way coaxial speakers whether you are plugging them into your car or heading out on a boat! These are that good and they are really cheap.

All the necessary hardware is included in the price and that is surprising somewhat as you get a whole lot for very little. However, whilst many would be a little unnerved by the price, don’t let it stop you from checking these out. You are actually getting a high quality pair of speakers and they offer a lot of power. Anyone who buys these won’t be disappointed in them.


The Pioneer TS-A6985 4Way Coaxial Speakers

Some will say these speakers are old-fashioned in a way and yet they still remain a popular choice. Yes, there are newer models available but these are still fantastic choices for you. The design is simple and yet the sound quality is at its highest. There is no way you can get a better deal from Pioneer than with the TS-A6985R! The cost stands at around fifty dollars too so it’s not overly expensive.

These are four way speakers so in a sense you are getting something like surround sound which is great. You don’t want to lack volume and you don’t want to have to crank up the volume until it becomes unbearable to enjoy your music. They are also very easy to install so very few should have issues with these.


The Best 6×9 Marine Speakers for Best Value

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 prime three-way full range coaxial speaker has to be the best 6×9 marine speakers for best value. These not only look good but fell very professional too. Rockford is a big name when it comes to speakers and it proves to be such a huge hit here too. There is quality from start to finish and the low price really shines through. If you are someone who wants good value for money and who is also on a limited budget, the Rockford must be your first choice.

The speakers come with a rubber surrounding and a vacuum polypropylene cone offering better sound control, even on rough seas. The tweeter is an integrated crossover and all the hardware that you need to install these is also included. You aren’t getting a dirt cheap pair of speakers but rather an excellent quality pair that keeps sound quality as its highest.


The Cheap 6×9 Marine Speakers

Buying the best cheap 6×9 marine speakers can be great and there is no better than the Pyle Dual water resistant marine speakers. These offer a two way range stereo sound with over two hundred watts but the highlight must be the price. Now, for less than thirty five dollars you are getting an absolute bargain. Buying the best cheap 6×9 marine speakers is not easy but with the Pyle you are getting a great system.

Pyle offers a marine grade weather proof construction which basically means it can stand any element thrown at it. The dual cone feature is lovely as it helps to ensure clear cut sounds and it good for boats and off road vehicles. These speakers are all-purpose so it’s good to see such systems.


Marine Grade 6×9 Speakers

The Rockville RMSTS69S waterproof marine boat speakers has to be the best marine grade 6×9 speakers! These are made for the sea. They can withstand water, spray from the salty sea and sunlight which makes them very durable and reliable indeed. However, the cost for the speakers isn’t as high as what you might expect. These hit around the ninety dollar mark and yet they are very impressive indeed. You are getting great quality and even though some would say this is at the top end of their budget, they are really worth it.

The speakers feature a one inch titanium tweeter and there is more power with them too. The speakers can also handle over one hundred watts and if you want even more power you can use an external amp. Though, external amps aren’t overly necessary but if you are looking for more power then of course you can add a second. These have been designed to deliver a punch and more and the quality of sound outside is tremendous!

The RMST69 are able to handle quite a lot from freshwater to saltwater and everything in between. Installing in a boat shouldn’t be too troublesome and you will come to appreciate what the speakers have to offer. In terms of quality and budget-wise, it’s decent and one to watch.


The Best Sounding

What are the best sounding 6×9 marine speakers? Well, this is a question greatly asked and there has to be one answer – the Clarion SRG6953R 600 watt 5 way good series speakers. These offer some of the best sounds around that you will just adore how smooth and clear the music is. When you are out on the open waters and want to crank up the tunes you can enjoy them on this system. What is more, the cost for the marine speakers isn’t overly pricey either; at around fifty dollars the speaker’s quality shines through.

The Clarion comes with a lovely five way multi axial system which is incredibly impressive to say the least. If you want to upgrade your boat’s speakers or even your car, these are the ones to do it with. There is better sound on offer and yet they are perfect for those working with a small budget! Dynamic range can be improved through these speakers and bass sounds can sound so appealing and real too.