Best 6X9 Speakers for Bass

best-6x9-speakers-for-bassCar speakers are very different from that of regular speakers; their function is to carry sound throughout but in a smaller setting. 6×9 speakers work for vehicles more so than any other speaker system simply because of how crisp the audio is. They are not only versatile but practical and audio is transmitted more smoothly. One big advantage of choosing 6×9 speakers is their cost and how cheap they really are to buy.

6×9 speakers for bass come with tweeters, woofers and subwoofers, not to forget sound and volume levels. There is also no need to spend big on such tools as the more affordable options offer a great deal of quality. However, which are the best 6×9 speakers for bass?

The Top 3 6×9 Bass Speaker Reviews

The Poly-Planar Premium Oval Marine Speakers

The speakers from Poly-Planar are appealing in a certain light. There is nothing overly fancy to them and that may be a plus point to those who want a quality pair of speakers without the hefty price tag. Now, these speakers will cost close to two hundred dollars but there is quality and it shows. You will find these are easy to install and look very smart once they are installed too.

On first glance, most would say the premium speakers don’t look so premium but if you think about what you’re getting, they actually are. Looks don’t count for everything despite what so many think and the plain white design is lovely. The oval shaping is simple and elegant and stylish too. These speakers should fit into any 6×9 fitting so if you wanted to, you can place these on your vehicle or in your boat.


The Dual DLS6940 DLS Series

I personally love the black and orange design and for those who love a simple look that has something hidden behind it, these will be the speakers for you. The four-way system is a great addition as it can make the music feel more authentic and surround rather than straight ahead of you. Most people don’t think about it or believe it’s important but it is and you should give a lot of thought to this too.

The DLS  6940 series are perfectly balanced and ensure clarity in music and vocals are clear as day. The two tweeters offer a decent high frequency response too. You don’t have to be a budding musician to approach these speakers.


The B52 Car Audio ELS 4-Way Speakers

Personally, the price is the stand-out factor for me. Those who don’t want to spend a lot on new speakers for their vehicles want to know they’re still getting a good item and the B52 Car Audio ELS 4-way speakers offers that and more. Of course, it’s hard to be sure you’re getting the best deal for your money however they are very smart and look nice once installed.

When you turn up the volume and listen to the music for the very first time, you are going to be amazed just how clear the music is. You can pick out a singer’s voice with ease and you will enjoy the easy listening.


The Best Value 6×9 Speakers for Bass

It’s hard to know which are the best 6×9 speakers for bass for best value but it seems the Lanzer Opti-Drive pro mid-bass coaxial full range speakers are close to hitting the mark. In terms of price, these speakers are fairly cheap, they aren’t rock-bottom cheap but they are certainly affordable and you probably won’t pay any more than say forty dollars. You are getting a great deal and even though the speakers are low in price, the quality within them is just fantastic.

Audio will be clear coming through these speakers and bass feels so authentic too. You could be fooled into believing there is a band sitting in the back seat of your car, the sound is that good. There are no distortion with the speakers as the internal coaxial keeps that to a minimum. If you are someone constantly listening to radio or music whilst driving then these speakers are most value for money. They are cheap but offer quality which is always needed.


The Budget 6×9 Speakers for Bass

If your budget doesn’t stretch too far you may want to give some consideration to the Auna CS-LED65 three way car speakers. These have to be the best budget 6×9 speakers for bass available today and they do look good. For less than fifty dollars (potentially less if you’re able to find a good deal) you can snag these and get them installed so quickly. They run with a four hundred wattage at a maximum but the performance is almost too perfect.


The three way coaxial design does add style to the finish and has a high SPL capacity too. These speakers are somewhat reflective as the LED’s shine through. The blue finish is quite appealing and it gives it a nice and fresh look. Also, the three way coaxial design is there to help with clear and crisps sounds. If you want to be a little flashy and show-off with your car’s interior then these are the speakers for that too.


6×9 Car Speakers for Bass

The Pioneer TS-A1376R A-Series 300 W 3- Way Speakers must be the best 6×9 car speakers for bass. These speakers are the ones you want to upgrade to as they are a class act above the rest. You are not going to be able to match these speakers with many others on the market today so that is such a positive right there. The G series of speakers really help to boost speaker range and it’s extremely impressive.

The cost for the Pioneer speakers is relatively low and yet you are getting top quality speakers with no extra cost. They have been designed so users get the most from their audio and you can’t ask for a better performance. Its premium listening for a fraction of the price. Users will adore the multi bolt pattern as it makes it a lot easier to install. These were made for bass!

The speakers come with an integrated tweeter and woofer so users get accurate sounds without straining to hear. Also, when the bass is thumping every single beat is perfection and its sensitive too so distortion is removed even when the volume is turned up. These use around three hundred watts at a push and offers complete elegance from start to finish.


Without Amp

If you aren’t someone who wants their windows shaking every time you turn up a song, you probably need speakers without an amp. Now, depending on the type of music you play, you want to listen to it and feel comfortable and that doesn’t mean blasting it so the vehicle at the other end of the highway can hear. The Sony XSGS6921 GS series two ways speaker are the best 6×9 speakers for bass without amp. You won’t find any better!

The Sony GS speakers look really smart and even though you probably won’t notice them much once they’re installed, they do look nice. Also, the two way design offers great sound and the soft dome tweeter is a great feature to accompany the speakers. When you turn up the volume you can hear the song in full detail, never missing a guitar stroke or a lyric. The MRC woofer is incredibly light and you get virtually no distortion which is a plus on so many levels.


Make an Informed Decision

There are a hundred different things to factor in choosing new speakers for your vehicle. You not only have to worry about the cost but how easy they are to install and whether they are going to be suitable for your vehicle. It can easily get confusing and since the models available on the market are increasing by the day, the choice can seem daunting. However, if you look at all aspects then finding the right 6×9 speakers for your purpose can be incredibly simple.