Best Cheap Condenser Mic

Cheap Condenser Mic Reviews
Condenser microphones are especially sensitive and it’s a great characteristic as it offers a more enhanced recording session. These types of microphones are popular amongst many recording artists as they can be used to record vocals, drums, pianos, bass and acoustic guitars. The sounds are snappy and crisp and condenser mics allow for better live recording. Dynamic mics aren’t overly impressive when it comes to recording vocals live which is why the condensers are vastly popular.

Recording quality could not get any better with a condenser and it is truly supreme vocals. The great thing about condenser microphones is that they follow the sound waves of every frequency they meet rather than just pick up and transmit the sounds. This will help to keep a more accurate contrast and the sound feels authentic, natural even. For the best results, the best cheap condenser mic should be found.

The Top 3 Cheap Condenser Mic Reviews

The Aukey Condenser Mic

Cheap condenser mics don’t come around as often as they should so when they do, you should grab them firmly with both hands! The Aukey condenser microphone is a great and very affordable little mic to choose from. This comes with a tripod stand, headphones, and a great two year warranty and of course the mic itself. However, you aren’t going to pay more than say twenty dollars on this set which is really impressive considering what you’re getting.

There is a true professional feel to the condenser mic and it’s great for podcasting recording and when you want to sing a tune too. There is nothing you can’t do with this mic and that is what makes it so very special indeed. The tripod can sit comfortably on top of a desk so if you’re worried about space or require a smaller condenser mic, the Aukey is maybe the best one for you at this time.


The ABASK BM-800 Professional Mic

The BM-800 certainly feels more on the professional side rather than the amateur side but it’s suitable for anyone who wants to do a spot of recording. The large diaphragm really helps to ensure sound is high quality and everything is clear and precise. This is a delicate mic but it can easily detect and pick up sounds from across the room with no issue whatsoever. That is a great feature when playing with a group of people.

The mic is suitable for most types of recording from solo to group sessions and it is compatible with most computers too so connecting it with yours shouldn’t be an issue. This is a very convenient tool to use also as it’s designed simply and comes with a plug and play system so essentially you don’t have to worry about downloading additional software. The buffering function is a nice additional and noise reduction is given with the shock mount.


The Excelvan BM8000 Professional Condenser Studio Mic

You want a cheap mic but one which is considered to be at a high standard and the Excelvan BM8000 is one of those. Yes, it is around twenty dollars but that does not mean to say its rubbish or poor quality in any way. If anything, you’re getting a sound piece of equipment and one that is going to last time and time again. There is a warranty with the mic but hopefully you won’t need it, it never hurts to have a backup plan just in case though.

This is accompanied by a shock mount and this is going to be the one tool that keeps handling noise out of your recordings. When you hold a microphone there is some noise that comes from it being placed in the hand and as you talk or move about, the mic can shift and pick up little noise. You don’t want this in your recording which is why the shock mount is a valuable accessory.

The Best Cheap Condenser Mic for the Money

The M-Audio Nova has to be the best cheap condenser mic for the money. Anyone who is working with a tight budget will find this to be a welcomed treat and it does offer a lot of quality for such a low price. When you get into the recording studio (or your basement if you are home recording) you can be sure there isn’t going to be anything spoiling your sounds. The large capsule condenser mic helps to keep the sounds smooth and flowing without interruption.

Durability and performance factors are high here and reliability is given! You do also get a few accessories with this mic which is a nice touch. However, the microphone is rather lightweight compared to other mics out there. This isn’t in any way going to break the bank and yet you are getting a nice and very quality piece to work with.


The Best Cheap USB Condenser Mic

If you want a cheap USB condenser microphone that offers quality at every turn, you must look at the CAD U37 USB studio condenser recording microphone. This is the best cheap USB condenser mic available and it is going to be the standout feature for any artist. Home recording is made much easier with this and when you want a professional setting, the CAD is there to offer that and more. You aren’t going to be disappointed with what the mic is able to bring to the table.

The U37 is compatible with Windows and Mac computers so it can be easily connected to any laptop. However, there are no drivers to install so it’s a basic plug n play system. This is a feature that most will appreciate as its frustrating having to install software to get one device to work. The large size of the microphone helps to ensure the recordings are smooth and gentle and that distortion is kept low too. Background noises can be kept to a minimum too with the 10db overload protection switch.


The Best Cheap Condenser Mic for Electric/Acoustic Guitar

If you want to find the best cheap condenser mic for electric or acoustic guitar then you must consider the Nady CM90 small diaphragm condenser microphone. This beautiful mic comes with a lovely design and small price tag. Anyone who loves to play guitar and wants to record their sessions should consider the CM90 and it will do what you need it to do. It’s small but powerful and its performance is at its best so you can’t really ask for more.

The cardioid polar pattern proves to be once again a hit and you are getting great quality sound from this too. When you use this to record your jamming sessions you are going to find it offers very clear sounds and it’s important to have this. Low level noise can be eliminated so that the guitar is the main focal point of the microphone. This is a perfect mic to use on stage or in a recording studio and is great for acoustic guitars hands down! The internal FET preamplifier is a lovely feature too as it helps to keep little noises out.


The Best Cheap Condenser Mic Drums

The BG-Tech Audio and USB Wired Sound Condenser Microphone have to be the best cheap condenser mic drums. Don’t be fooled when you first see this; the BG-Tech is actually a good and very cheap condenser mic for drums. Once you have this set up in the right spot, you can bang away on the drums and pick up every note perfectly. A lot of people take one look at the mic and move on thinking it’s just not right but it can be if you give it time. The shock mount holder and clip allow artists get the best recording possible and you can strategically place this wherever you feel is best for sound.

The mic doesn’t cost anything more than thirty dollars so right there, there are some impressive savings to be had. As said above, you get the shock mount holder clip for nothing so that is a great bonus and you can get more from your recording stints too. Drummers will love how simple the microphone is to set up and to hook it up to a computer too. The neodymium magnet helps to keep the audio slick and stylish. You aren’t going to get much distortion or no bounce back which is very important indeed.

The BG-Tech is sturdy in its design and finished look. The anti-vibration feature is a nice addition and you can adjust the angle of the mic to suit your needs. Overall, the microphone does look simply designed and yet it packs a real punch.


The Best Cheap Condenser Mic for Overheads

The CAD GXL2200 Cardiod condenser microphone has to be the best cheap condenser mic for overheads. The cost comes in at around seventy dollars which is very good indeed and there is no need to spend anything extra once you have this beautiful microphone. The cardiod polar pattern design is quite nice too and distortion and room noise can be kept to a bare minimum which is always a plus point for recording artists. This can be used within a variety of settings including home studios, professional studios and on stage if you wanted.

The GXL2200 is a great and very cheap option to consider and it’s probably the ideal choice for instrumental recordings and vocal records too. Having that dual purpose as great and while most believe any mic to pick up instrument and vocal records, it isn’t always the case. Some microphones are better equipped to handle certain recordings and this one can handle both which is always good for multi-tasking recording artists. Cosmetically it looks nice and it’s not quite plain but nothing over the top either so it’s a nice balance to say the least.

The mic does also come with a protective case and shock mount so you have enough accessories for your recording needs. Also, if you are someone always on the move and want to record, this is the best option as its super portable.


The Best Cheap Condenser Mic for Home Studio

If you are searching for the best cheap condenser mic for home studio recording then the Mega Dream multimedia portable home studio sound recording condenser is the one for you. This not only looks good but offers a relaxed approach to recording. Those who haven’t experienced working with a microphone before can often find things to be a bit of a challenge but when the Mega Dream is used, it can feel very relaxed indeed. However, don’t be fooled by its exceptionally low cost, this mic offers great quality.

On first looks, you probably wouldn’t think much of the microphone. You probably think it looks cheap but take a closer look and you’ll find there is quality afoot. Yes, it’s not fancy in any way but let’s be honest, you want a good quality mic for home studio recording and not a fancy piece to show-off. At the end of the day, looks don’t count for much when it comes to tools as if they do the job that is what matters most. On the plus side, the basic design should make most comfortable whether they are recording podcasts or making a music recording.

The microphone can in fact record up to ten feet away which is an impressive feet today; and it offers high performance too. However, it’s smaller size does provide users with an excellent advantage as it doesn’t require a lot of space and can be stored away very easily. The Mega Dream is very durable and long-lasting so you can get a lot of wear from this. It can also be connected to Smartphone’s and comes with a plug and play feature too.


The Best Cheap Condenser Mic For Live

The Neewer NW-800 Professional studio broadcasting and recording microphone is the best cheap condenser mic for live recording. You are not going to find a better tool and it does offer so much for so little. With the cost, you’d think there has to be a catch somewhere but there isn’t and that is perfect for professionals or those who need to do a spot of staging acting.

Those who are looking to get clear and crisp recordings there is a bass-reduction switch which helps to reduce the overall noise coming from the room and surrounding areas. This is especially important for live recording and singing and helps to ensure the song goes on uninterrupted and with ease. Distortion is kept to a minimum also and there is a nice harmony to the recordings too which is always good for professionals or those who want a simple and sweet sound. The mic does come with a high sensitivity factor which is a good thing in live recording and the cardioid pick-up is a nice addition.

The microphone is certainly a stern and sturdy looking tool and that is what you need in today’s recording. You can easily use this in a recording studio or at home, in a stage setting for live talk and it’s particularly good picking up instruments too. However, you are getting a lot of quality despite its small price which is an appealing factor surrounding this mic. The microphone comes with an anti-wind foam cap which helps to protect it from the elements.


Getting the Best Value for Money

Sometimes, it’s hard to make money stretch when you don’t have it so it’s important to find a microphone that is going to offer the very best quality despite its small cost. The above are only a handful of amazing and some of the very best and top quality condenser microphones. They are very much affordable and there should be at least one, if not all, that suits your budget to the max. Buying the best cheap condense mic is a lot easier than you might think.