Best Condenser Mic Under $100

best-condenser-mic-under-100Recording vocals and musical instruments presents a challenge for most. If the wrong recording equipment isn’t utilized then it can create an off-beat sound instead of a clear-cut recording. Condenser microphones are crucial elements for recording artists and musicians worldwide as these pick up the smallest of sounds and transmits them into the recording apparatus. When the mics pick up sound it turns it into an electrical signal and can be used in a number of items too. The condenser mics are favored since they are lightweight and considerably smaller too.

Condenser microphones have proven popular amongst recording artists and they are especially seen in recording studios also. Home recording artists also love to choose the condenser mic as it provides them with a sleek and simple method to record vocals and instruments. Many modern microphones aren’t overly expensive either which allows hundreds to purchase a good quality mic and record at home.

What is the best condenser mic under 100?

The Best Condenser Mic under $100 Reviews

The Neewer NW-700

At first glance you would think this is more so for professional artists and in a sense it is but it can be used for home recording too. Yes, this is a professional studio condenser mic; however, that isn’t its sole purpose. Anyone can use this and it is one of the very best condenser mics under 100. There are not many professional standard microphones out there that reach such a high standard but the Neewer NW-700 does.

With this, buyers are able to get an adjustable arm stand and a shock mount and even a clamp kit too. You are getting a lot for your money and you are only paying out thirty dollars which is quite surprising. Buyers don’t get a sound card with this but in all honesty, you don’t expect to get it as its super cheap it would be crazy to just give accessories away. Sounds in front of the mic are detected without effort and they are captured in clear motion. The adjustable scissor arm stand is great as you get to maneuver it however you feel comfortable and it’s really sturdy too so it should last a long while yet.


The Neewer NW-800 Professional Recording Mic

Another Neewer makes the list but you cannot fault them. The NW-800 really shines through with its quality and you will be surprised just how impressive this looks. Yes, it is not much different from the NW-700 but it is slightly altered in a sense. For a professional microphone you are getting it for less than 100 which are amazing. However, you get a nice array of accessories included in the price such as the shock mount, power cable and anti-wind foam cap, not to forget the microphone!

In affordability terms, this has to be one of the cheapest models available today. Despite its low price, you are getting a fair amount of quality so that is a welcomed plus for users. Handling noises are reduced considerably with the shock mount since there is no need to hold in hand. Noise interference can also be kept rather low too.


The MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Mic

For less than 100, the MXL 770 Cardoid Condenser Mic really is able to offer quite a lot of potential. Anyone who is interested in starting off their singing or broadcasting career will want to give this mic some serious consideration. It not only feels sturdy but is totally reliable and the low distortion six micron diaphragm is a perfect addition. You will be able to reduce overall rustling sounds from holding the microphone in your hand and the switch bass cut feature is lovely too. Most people will appreciate how much quality has gone into such tools and it will be one to appreciate over time. This is a great little tool whether you plan to take singing up full time or just want to create some home videos.

The QIBOX BM-800 Pro Dynamic Condenser Mic

For those whose budgets aren’t going to stretch far, you must think about the BM-800. This not only looks like a tool made for a professional broadcaster but feels the part. You will love how simple the finished design is and it comes complete with shock mount. If you are recording vocals or instruments any time soon, this QIBOX will be the one you want on your side. Recording with this is very easy and comes with the necessary cables too.

Sound quality is exceptional and there is a plug ‘n’ play feature too which is great. Since you have the plug ‘n’ play feature you are able to connect the mic up to your laptop. You will only require an audio plug compatible with the mic and chosen computer. The large diaphragm offers a smooth sound whether you’re doing some voice over work or singing.


The MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Mic

One of the top condenser microphones available for less than 100 has to be the MXL V67G. Everything about this mic screams elegance. You have the larger condenser capsule that sits at thirty two millimeters and it looks very smartly designed. The six micron density diaphragm is really impressive and it will help to keep distortion low and sound quality at its best. There is even a shock mount available which is great if you want to keep handling noise to a minimum. The price is fairly good for what you’re getting and you should be happy with the overall sound quality you receive.


The Best Condenser Mic under $100 for Vocals

The Floureon BM-800 Condenser Sound studio recording and broadcasting microphone must be the best condenser mic under 100 for vocals. This not only looks professional but offers a new and cutting edge appeal to the finished design. Users can get the added shock mount holder if you so wish and personally you should consider it as it’s a real bonus. When you the mic with the shock mount it’s very imposing.

If you’re interested in vocals rather than recording music or instruments, this is the mic for you. The blue and silver finish is beautiful and very modern looking too which adds some elegance to any home recording studio. Noise reduction is given with the mic too and if you use the shock mount, it prevents you from making additional noise when holding the microphone. Also, it offers a nice crisp finish to your vocals; and the cardiod pick-up pattern is impressive too.

Surprisingly, the cost is really cheap compared to what you’re actually getting so that has to be a real bonus. A little word of warning, when you’re recording, try to hold the mic a foot away from you so that the words are clear; if you keep this pressed up against your mouth as you talk, the word can get distorted. You probably already know this but it never hurts to add the words of wisdom!


The Best Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic Under $100

For those searching for the best large diaphragm condenser mic under 100, they must take a good look at the MXL 2006 large gold diaphragm condenser mic. The MXL mic does have a very simple look and yet it works! You don’t get too intimated with the mic but you don’t feel as though it’s rubbish either. You can see the quality and even though there is nothing so bold or bright with the mic, it doesn’t need that and it’s the winning combination in all honesty.

If you aren’t happy to spend too much, the MXL should be a viable option. It’s around ninety dollars and while that might not be too far under the 100 mark, it’s still a pretty good price. There aren’t many microphones that offer good quality with crisp sound without compromising somewhere. Also, distortion is kept really at a minimum and the added shock mount is a perfect bonus. You can feel happy with the overall sound quality with this piece and for less than 100; you’re getting a bargain and more.


The Best Small Diaphragm Condenser Mic Under $100

The Nady CM90 small diaphragm Condenser microphone is the best small diaphragm condenser mic under 100. The mic really looks the part without having to try. It does have a more authentic classic feel to it and that is the one thing that makes the microphone stand out. Now, you might not give a lot of thought over the finished design and yet it’s the stand-out feature.

The CM90 is very sensitive which helps to pick up the smallest of sounds so that is good. Also, the sounds are smooth and clear and are SPL capable. The CM90 does come with a great and very professional feel which is the biggest bonus of this mic. However, it’s versatile and great for digital recording and singing. This also has an EFT preamplifier built in which helps to keep distortion at a low and increase dynamic range. The overall cost is quite affordable and since it’s very much under the 100 mark, it’s amazing quality.


The Best Small Condenser Mic Under $100

For those searching for the best small condenser mic under 100, the Samson Go mic portable USB condenser microphone is a great contender. Firstly, the cost is rather low and since it doesn’t reach the forty dollar range, you are getting a real bargain. It’s small and portable but offers great quality from start to finish. The small condenser feature is impressive and helps to keep distortion and room noise to a bare minimum.

The Samson Go comes with the plug and play feature which is useful for home recording. If you wanted to, the mic can be connected to Windows or Mac computers and let it run. There isn’t any installation required so no added software and it’s real easy to use too. The mic is really small so you can easily set this up on your desk or in front of your laptop if you’re connecting to the web. You can use the Samson to record a podcast or record music and vocals.


The Best USB Condenser Mic Under $100

If you are searching for the best USB condenser mic under 100 you must look at the Samson C01U Pro USB studio condenser microphone. You are paying around the seventy dollar mark and while that might seem a lot for many, it’s really good. Budget-wise, you aren’t going to get a better USB condenser mic under 100 without compromising quality.

Since this comes with a large diaphragm you are going to be guaranteed almost studio quality and that isn’t easy to come by today. The cardiod pick-up pattern not only looks good but feels like a true professional microphone too. Since it is accompanied with a simple plug and play system, there is no need to install drivers or additional software. Also, it is a user-friendly mic when you connect to a computer so even users with basic computer skills shouldn’t have too much trouble.


Getting More Value for Money

Condenser microphones are extremely popular today and yet you do not have to spend a fortune to get a quality tool. Paying less than 100 for the best quality condenser mic might seem impossible to find but in all honesty there are many amazing choices to consider. The best condenser mic under 100 is possible to find and when you do, you can find such an amazing tool to use in your home recording.