Best Condenser Mic Under $200

Condenser Mic Under $200 Reviews
Any budding musician or recording artist will know they have two microphone options available to them. Firstly, there is the dynamic mic and then there is the more popular condenser mic. The later is certainly very popular amongst home recording artists and studio professionals but what are they exactly?

Condenser microphones are modern in a sense and when the microphone detects sound it converts it into electrical signals. These types of microphones are in fact found in many common everyday items such as hearing aids and even in telephones. They are technically more advanced than standard dynamic microphone as they are smaller, lightweight and quite sensitive so even the quietest of sounds can be detected.

Professionals use these condenser microphones in recording studios and are very popular for home use also. The best thing of all, these are relatively cheap which means you don’t have to spend a great deal on a mic; this is especially great for those with smaller budgets. So, what is the best condenser mic under 200?

Top 5 Best Condenser Mic Reviews

The Shure PG27 USB Condenser Microphone

One of the top condenser microphones that fall under the 200 dollar range has to be the Shure PG27 USB condenser mic. You will find this is a perfect option to record instruments or indeed vocals though it really works perfectly for instrument recording. Considering it offers a lot of quality there is no need to pay any more than a few hundred dollars so you are getting a real bargain.

If you are someone who uses acoustic guitars then the Shure will be the one for you and since it comes with a few accessories you get a great deal here. Though, it’s a side address mic which basically means when you hold the mic you are holding it side on and talk into it sideways also. Shure is a massive name when it comes to microphone technology so you can be assured you’re getting a good little piece of equipment.

The Blue Spark Cardiod Condenser Mic

A lot of buyers would be a little put off by the name thinking it’s not what they are looking for but forget about the name for a moment. The Blue Spark mic is robust and extremely versatile which makes it the perfect tool to record with. If you are buying this mic then you will be able to get a shock mount too so that is a nice addition for the small cost.

The cable isn’t included in the price which is a disappointment but it isn’t actually too expensive to make this separate purchase. The bright orange finish is really quite appealing whether you like a vintage or modern finish. Users will enjoy recording with this condenser mic.


Neewer NW-700 Professional Studio Condenser Mic

The NW does look amazingly simple and there is quality at every turn. You are going to see how lovely the shock mount (that comes with the mic for no additional cost) looks and the suspension arm stand is a neat feature too. If you want an affordable condenser mic that can be used to record at home or in a more professional studio setting, the Neewer NW-700 is the perfect fit for most. This does offer performers a great tool without compromising quality.

If you don’t have more than two hundred dollars to spend you are going to find the NW-700 to be a wonderful little microphone. You would think it was a very costly item but actually it falls way short behind the one dollar range (less than forty to be exact) and that is crucial. It’s tough to afford the best mics but this one is quite affordable so that is a crucial element indeed. You get a real professional feel and that makes most feel quite impressed.


MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Mics

The MXL 770 has to be amongst the top condenser microphones to purchase today. Firstly, the cost for the mic isn’t overly pricey; in fact it doesn’t reach the one hundred dollar mark which is great. For those who don’t have a lot of money to spend, this is going to be the microphone to choose from. Distortion is kept really at a bare minimum with the mic and there is a switchable bass cut. The FET preamp goes it’s best to keep things balanced too and there is even a carry case and shock mount. These are lovely features and great additions to your mic.


QIBOX BM800 Condenser Mic

QIBOX is a great name in the microphone technology field and the BM 800 is certainly a standout feature. However, this is great for a variety of recording methods from studio to home recording so no matter why you’re buying this; it should give you a lot of uses. Surprisingly the cost for the condenser mic doesn’t reach more than fifty dollars so you are certainly well under your 200 budget. The audio is crisp and clear and with the plug and play feature you’ll enjoy using the mic.


The Best Condenser Mic under $200 for Vocals

For those searching for the very best condenser mic under 200 for vocals there can be no better than the AKG Perception 420 Professional XLR Condenser Microphone. This beautiful microphone has a basic design but comes with true quality. If you are a professional recording artist or are interesting in recording in a professional manner the AKG is the perfect choice. It not only looks good but comes with an affordable price too.

The AKG comes in at a little under the 200 range and is considered to be amongst the top budget condenser mics too which is very impressive. Low level noise can be eliminated and the switch pad feature is suitable for SPL applications. The only accessory to come with the mic is a shock mount and even though you don’t get anything else, it’s not a bad deal for under 200.

This condenser mic is really the best when it comes to vocal recording since it has the three polar pattern setting and the one inch twin diaphragm. You can record instruments if you want to but again, it works wonders on those who want to sing.


The Best Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic Under $200

The Audio Technica AT2035 XLR Condenser Microphone has to be the best large diaphragm condenser mic under 200. On first glance you are going to adore the look as it just shines professionalism at every turn. You will notice how premium it looks even though it sits well under the 200 range. The low price might put you off at first but in all honesty, this is a great budget mic.

Since the large diaphragm has been designed in the cardioids pattern it allows users to speak to get more freedom when speaking or singing into the mic. Instead of speaking down into the mic via the top, they can speak side-on which is what most prefer and it’s a little more comfortable too. Natural sounds are picked up far easier with the Audio Technica and it comes with a 10db switch pad. You will also receive the shock mount which is strong and durable so that’s a nice added bonus.


The Best Small Diaphragm Condenser Mic Under $200

Blue Microphones Snowball ICE USB Microphone has to be the best small diaphragm condenser mic under 200. Anyone who sees this for the first time will have difficulty believing this is a microphone. It is absolutely tiny in comparison with the larger diaphragm condenser mics out there and yet it’s top quality. There is no doubting the Blue Microphones Snowball has to be amongst the very best mics on the market today.

Price wise, it’s perfect as it falls well under the 100 range. The mic comes with a plug n play system which is perfect for those looking to upload their music onto their computers. Also, there are no drivers to install so that’s one less stress to worry about. The mic can used to record vocals or indeed instruments and even if you want to improve conversations online, this can be good too. If you want to improve audio the Snowball is the tool for the job.


The Best Small Condenser Mic Under $200

Blue Microphones Blue Yeti USB microphone has to be the very best small condenser mic under 200. The Yeti looks imposing and you can tell it’s for professionals who love to record. This mic isn’t actually as big as you might think when you first see it online and in pictures, it can be around the size of a laptop when opened so it isn’t overly huge. The mic is great for those who are lacking space or who just want a smaller and more convenient mic to use at home.

What is more, the Blue Yeti is in fact one of the best selling condenser mics today which does prove how much people love this. Again, this comes with a plug n play system which means no installation of software and the three condenser capsules really offer a high quality recording finish. There is a headphone feature and a mute button. The mic does have some simple yet nifty features to impress with.

The Best USB Condenser Mic Under $200

For those who are working with a tight budget or who just don’t want to spend more than absolute necessary on a mic, the CAD U37 USB studio condenser recording microphone has to be the one for you. The CAD is the best USB condenser mic under 200 and when you record vocals with this, it picks up every little detail amazingly well. Don’t let it’s small cost fool you, it’s actually great despite the low price and it’s suitable for beginners and experience recording artists.

For those worried about distortion, the CAD comes with a 10bd overload protection switch which effectively helps to reduce distortion. There is also a bass reduction switch which helps to reduce noises coming from around the room. This is suitable for Windows and Mac computers and there is no installation necessary either. It’s plug n play so you shouldn’t have any issues with this.


Buying the Best Condenser Mic Under $200

It’s hard to know which condenser microphone is best as there are so many amazing options to consider. However, if you’re struggling with costs and don’t want to spend a lot of money then searching for mics under 200 seems sensible. You aren’t putting a lot of investment into these so your risks are small; also, there are many good options which mean spending more than two hundred isn’t exactly necessary. Take the time to find the best consider mic under 200.