Best Condenser Mic Under $500

Condenser Mic Under $500 Reviews
Condenser microphones are really the base of a capacitor in which the electrical currents flow through. There are two plates within the condenser mic that has electrical voltage between them; and one plate is the diaphragm. When the sound hits the diaphragm plate it starts to vibrate due to the noise or sound waves. However when the plate hears sound, it moves it which effectively changes the overall distance between plate one and plate two.

When someone wants to record music or speech they have to look at condenser microphones as they offer the best capacity. Dynamic microphones are popular but they are not always best for vocal and live recording. This is why the condensers are vastly popular and they are very sought after indeed as they give musicians the ability to produce authentic sounds.

The Best Condenser Mic under $500 Reviews

The AKG P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone

Having a range of five hundred dollars can be an excellent idea when it comes to finding the very best and the top condenser mic under 500. You have a huge variety of choice but it might be wise to stick to the AKG P220. Now, this falls very short of the 500 mark but let’s be honest, you don’t need to spend 500 if you don’t want to. It’s one hundred and forty five and you are getting SPL features of 155db and great sensitivity too. You cannot ask for more because this condenser mic really produces top quality results.


Shure MV88 Digital Stereo Condenser Mic

Digital condenser microphones such as the Shure MV88 will be a top option to consider today. Buyers looking for condenser microphone need a certain quality and not just with the design or the finish, you want quality sound. This is the most important part of any microphone because without quality you are sure to fail. Now, high quality is given when recording vocals and even some instruments.

Audio clarity is almost too perfect and it is compatible with iOS too. The matched cardioid is really quite smart and gives it a more vintage feeling. However, the preset modes such as loud, speech, flat, acoustic instrument and singing are all welcomed. Being able to preset the mic can be very useful when you want accurate recording.


The Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone

Budget conscious buyers are going to find the Rode NT-USB is rather more affordable. It’s priced at one hundred and sixty odd dollars and it’s a fair price for what is being asked. Since this is a USB mic you are able to connect to your laptop so that is a plus for those who are specifically recording to put online. It is far easier to work with a mic that connects straight to the computer rather than wasting time with memory or flash cards. There is a reduction to unwanted noise due to the design of the mic and there is a tripod stand included with a ring mount.


AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Mic

Sitting with a fair mid-price, the AKG Pro Audio C214 has to be one of the best condenser microphones available today. On first looks you will absolutely think it superior which it is and that it should cost more. Surprisingly you are getting a fairly good deal here which has become really important for every entertainer.

Whether you are planning to use the mic for solo performances, duets or for recording instruments, the AKG can handle everything. You do not need to worry about this as it’s quite versatile and offers so much in terms of quality and sustenance. The switchable 20db bass cut filter is really good as it helps to keep the unwanted noise out of the recordings. This does have quite a professional feel to it which is outstanding and yet it is aimed at all singers and broadcasters whether they have experience in this field or otherwise.


Rode NT1KIT Condenser Mic

Those who want a professional feel to their recording sessions will want to get their hands on the Rode NT1KIT condenser mic. This not only feels professional but looks it too and whether you spend a lot of time recording or only use the mic twice a year, you will see it’s worth the money. Price-wise, it’s fair and not overly costly but it also feels very modern with some vintage twists.

Cardio polar pattern is nice and the frequency range is really very good too. Buyers couldn’t ask for more and there are some lovely features to come from the mic too. Its shock mount helps to keep the mic in safe hands whilst recording. The dust cover keeps it free from damage once the recording sessions are over.


The Best Condenser Mic under $500 for Vocals

Any vocalist who has searched for good quality microphones might have stumbled across the RODE NT1A. Now, Rode is a big name in microphone technology and it certainly can deliver a quality piece without breaking the bank too much. Yes, this is around two hundred dollars and while that may seem quite a lot for a microphone you are actually getting far more than a simple mic.

The NT1A is the best condenser mic under 500 for vocals as it comes with a one inch, large diaphragm. This is for serious players and the polar pattern cardiod looks fantastic too. Self noise is 5db which is pretty good and it helps to keep out the unwanted noises from handling and background. You get a host of simple accessories that might impress you and overall it does what you need it to do. This looks fit for a professional and can be good for home or studio recording.


The Best Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic Under $500

The Audio-Technica AT2035 has to be the best large diaphragm condenser mic under 500. This doesn’t come anywhere near close to the 500 mark which is perfect, it’s over one hundred dollars but that is such a great price. You aren’t going to have to stretch your budget far for this one. However, despite the low cost, you are able to get a fairly impressive little microphone.

The AT2035 comes with a great polar pattern cardiod and this will help to gather sound from all angles. You don’t have to be standing directly in front to be heard and the focal point of the recording can be isolated so that portion stands out rather than unwanted background noise. The microphone also comes with a ten foot cable which can be connected to your mixer if you have one. With large diaphragm offers smooth and natural sound which every artist wants.


The Best Small Diaphragm Condenser Mic Under $500

The Sennheiser E614 is the best small diaphragm condenser mic under 500. At first, you will say this is a very small and unimposing microphone but once you start using it, you are going to see it really is a top quality device. It falls just over the two hundred dollar range and that is a fair price for what is on offer here. You aren’t going to get a piece of rubbish but rather a professional quality condenser microphone. Yes, some might say paying two hundred dollars for something as small as this would be crazy but you are getting the quality from it.

Since the E614 comes with a small diaphragm it is suitable for a variety of recording sessions. For instance, if you wanted a quiet home recording session, this would be perfect but if you wanted to add some drum work to your backing track you could. The microphone is small enough to be situated near a drum kit. There is high SPL handling and a great extended frequency range too which is a nice touch to the mic. It comes with a long-lasting ten year warranty so you can just image how much quality there is here. Someone is confident enough in this to offer a decade-long warranty so that is comforting.


What Is the Best Small Condenser Mic Under $500?

For those who want a reliable and durable microphone, the Rode M5 compact condenser mics have to be the one to choose. The M5 has to be the best small condenser mic under 500 and its low price is astounding. However, you aren’t just getting one for the hundred dollar price; you are getting two so you are getting a great bargain. If you ever wanted to find a better small condenser mic under 500, you couldn’t!

The Rode M5 is a suitable mic for those who want to do some stage work or record at home. You would think these are best suited to studio use but they are actually really good for those looking to record at home. If you have a quiet area within the home that you can sing and record then the mic is an option to consider. The half an inch cardiod condenser helps to keep distortion low and ensure the vocals shines through. The pencil design is appealing and very smart too and for such a low cost, you couldn’t complain really.


The Best USB Condenser Mic Under $500

You might have already heard of the name but Samson Go portable USB condenser mic is really a top quality option. This has to be the best USB condenser mic under 500 (less than forty dollars to be exact) and it’s perfect for a host of voice recordings. For those interested in voice over work or chatting online, the mic is a solid solution. However, you can still record vocals with this or even instruments if you wanted to as it’s quite versatile.

The Samson Go is quite small and compact which is a good thing as big microphones aren’t always portable. The plug ‘n’ play feature is a standout part for the Samson and since you don’t have to install a driver to use this, most people will find it’s user-friendly. Anyone can use this as long as they have a passion for talking or singing.


Make an Informed Decision

You are spending a lot of money and you do not want to purchase the wrong condenser microphone. These are costly goods at times and even if you are keeping below the 500 range, you still don’t want to waste money on the wrong one. You want to ensure the one you buy is perfect for your recording needs. Buy the best condenser mic under 500 and sing to your heart’s content.