Best Condenser Mic for Vocals

Condenser Mic for Vocals Reviews
Condenser microphones have become one of the most popular forms of microphones today and it isn’t too difficult to understand why that is. Buying the best condenser mic is very important for singers of all kinds as well as performers because without the best, everything imaginable can and will go wrong. However, do you know what a condenser mic is? If not, read on and find out a little more about these great tools.

First of all, a condenser mic consists of a housing unit in which inside sits two plates. These metal plates are very tightly packed so that they are only a few millimeters away from one another. When someone sings or speaks into the mic, the audio is picked up by the plates which cause them to vibrate. As the plates vibrate there is an electrical signal created and this is what sends the audio from the mic to the receiver in a speaker.

Condenser microphones for vocals are highly important as they are designed for singers solely rather than using to project sound from instruments. There are not many differences between mics suitable for instruments and vocals, maybe one or two but their purpose remains the same – to produce sound. However, condenser mics are going to make the difference between creating audible sound across a large auditorium and to only a few feet in front of the singer.

Read on and find the best condenser mic for vocals reviews, they may just assist you.

Top 3 Best Condenser Mic for Vocals Reviews


The Lewitt LCT 940 Reference Class Tube/FET Microphone

For those interested in vocal singing, it’s necessary to find the best condenser mic and the Lewitt LCT 940 reference class tube/FET microphone is truly one of the very best. This not only offers a sharp look but ensures that you are getting a real quality item. The microphone really brings a high quality design and the finish is beautiful.



The mic feels very professional and that is something which is very important indeed. You do not often see such a design but it’s an appealing trait. However, in terms of cost, you get what you pay for and it’s not overly bad either. Buyers will enjoy using the mic whether they have experience using it or otherwise. That is why this has become very popular today.

The FET and tube design is appealing and the ultra thin diaphragm is an appealing trait. Anyone who uses this will find it is extremely easy to setup and you will enjoy using this as well. It’s an appealing little microphone and one that offers so much for such a small package.


The AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Vocal Condenser Microphone Multi-Pattern

Another great condenser microphone has to be the AKG pro audio C414 XLII vocal condenser microphone multi-pattern. When you first see this, you are going to truly believe its high quality and it is in fact a professional looking mic. That is the beauty of the mic; it’s very modern and very professional looking so you can get that professional feel.



However, in terms of cost you’re getting a fair deal here and its overall design is quite lovely too. The unique shaping is very nice and not too big for singers to hold or mount either. This takes only a few seconds to mount onto a stand if that is what you want to do with it. The AKG also comes with a lovely variety of polar patterns! That isn’t something often seen.

Professional singers and those who enjoy performing will love this microphone and it isn’t hard to see why. There is something special about the microphone and it’s vastly appealing as well. You will love how easy it is to use as well.


The Rode K2 Tube Vocal Microphone

For those searching for the best condenser mic for vocals, the Rode K2 Tube vocal microphone has to be amongst the very top options to consider today. There is something special about the mic that makes it very alluring. When you see this, you will be drawn to it and it’s quite impressive.



In terms of design, the Rode K2 is really quite appealing. You are not only getting a lovely finish but the overall design is very modern. That is what most performers want and need most of all but it’s really a nice mic. You will find this is incredibly easy to setup at home as well as in the studio.

However, the large one inch capsule with the impressive diaphragm is perfect and it will fast become a real winner for most too. The ultra low noise feature is great and the wide dynamic range is an appealing feature. This is certainly a top quality mic and one you can enjoy using.


The Best Condenser Mic for Male Vocals

Buying condenser mics doesn’t have to be as tough as you think. Unfortunately most people struggle unnecessarily and end up with a less than trustworthy mic. If you want to buy the best condenser mic for male vocals then you really need to look at all options available today. There are a lot of great microphones to consider including the VO 1-A Harlan Hogan signature series microphone the voiceover microphone.



Despite its name, it isn’t just good for voiceover work, it’s quite versatile and it is perfect for male vocalists as well. Any male singer looking for a strong and powerful tool should consider looking to the Harlan and it truly is a wonderful little microphone to get your hands on too. There is a lot of quality on offer here and you get what you pay for and so much more.

This offers studio quality when it comes to voiceover work and the mic is easily mounted onto a stand if you wanted to add one. However, there is a lovely natural appeal to the mic that makes this a standout tool. It looks alluring and yet it has got real quality which is vitally important.


The Best Condenser Mic for Hip Hop Vocals

The Telefunken M80 super cardioid custom dynamic handheld microphone has to be amongst the very best condenser microphones available today. If you want the best condenser mic for hip hop vocals, the Telefunken M80 might be it. There is a lovely design to it and it’s easy to setup and use as well which is what every vocalist wants.



You might think its pink finishing isn’t exactly hip but in all honesty this is a lovely tool. The microphone does offer a very practical design and one that should make it far easier to sing any song. However, you’re getting great value for money here and the tight cardioid polar pattern is an appealing feature as well.

In terms of design and quality, it is there and it comes in abundance as well. That is something you really should remember as it’s vitally important to get these things. However, the M80 super cardioid custom design is very nice and will ensure you produce the finest sounds.


The Best Condenser Mic for Home Studio Vocals

Setting up a home studio is something that thousands are doing and it’s not hard to see why. When you want to take singing seriously you ideally need a good home studio and with that, you also need a reliable home studio mic. What is the best condenser mic for home studio vocals? Well, there are a few to consider but one that stands out must be the Blue Microphones baby bottle cardioid condenser microphone.



This mic is truly a lovely little microphone to use at home and it really helps promote your vocals in the right manner. The unusual design is probably what you will notice first and that is great because it helps to ensure this is the one you love and come back to time and again. However, putting its design to one side, you have a lovely microphone and one which is vastly strong and reliable.

When you want a strong performance, this is the mic to use and it really is able to offer such quality. You are going to enjoy using the mic time and time again. There is a lot of quality to come from this and cost is really good.


The Best Condenser Mic for Live Vocals

Singing or performing live is a nightmare for most and it can be quite a challenge. You not only have to ensure you nail the performance but that you have a reliable tool to get you through the performance. Buying the best condenser mic for live vocals is that tool and finding the right one doesn’t have to be difficult.

One of the very best must be the Sennheiser e865 S Lead vocal condenser microphone with switch. This is a lovely microphone and super easy to use as well so even if you haven’t used a mic before, it won’t be too difficult to get used to. However, there is a great quality and professional feel to the mic and that helps it to standout for the very best.



In terms of cost, you are getting a fantastic price and the super cardioid pickup pattern is a perfect addition too. The sound quality is at its very best and you are going to find handle noise is at the lowest possible level too. There is nothing to dislike here as it offers so much in such a small package.


The Best Condenser Mic for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

For those searching for the best condenser mic for acoustic guitar and vocals, the CAD audio Equitek E100S diaphragm super cardioid condenser microphone might be the one to consider. The CAD looks amazing and is a perfect addition whether you’re a newcomer to the stage or an experienced hand. This is a great mic for all.



The CAD is a perfect option for those who wish to combine vocals and play guitar. It is suitable with acoustic guitars, vocals, choir groups and a lot of other performances as well. That is why this is such a well-loved tool and one which is going to remain vastly popular too. You are going to find this is a high quality item though and it keeps distortion very low indeed.

However, you’re getting a lovely price for this mic and it’s easy to setup no matter how little experience you have with microphones. That is an excellent feature as too many performers aren’t able to comfortably setup a mic for themselves. You will enjoy using the CAD Audio and it’s very nicely designed as well.


The Best Condenser Mic for Vocals Under $1000

If you are happy to splash out a little money on a condenser mic then you could think about the Sterling Audio ST69 multi-pattern tube condenser mic. This has to be the best condenser mic for vocals under 1000 and it truly is a lovely microphone to use. Professionals and beginners will enjoy using the microphone as it’s easy to setup and use.



However, the Sterling Audio is really a lovely mic and there is high quality that comes from this too. Buyers will find the cost for the mic is really quite good in comparison to what you get. The mic comes with a multi-pattern cardioid and that really makes this standout for all the right reasons.

The microphone’s design and finish is quite appealing too so this will become a vastly popular mic. However, the vocal mic isn’t going to cost you a lot of money and you’re getting a high quality tool. The ultra thin 3 micron Mylar diaphragm is a lovely feature and the body is made from stainless steel as well.


The Best Condenser Mic for Vocals Under $200

Dealing with a price range of around 200 dollars or lower can be a little challenging. You need to make sure you get a quality condenser mic that not only looks good but actually does what you need it to do. The best condenser mic for vocals under 200 might end up being the Rode M2 handheld condenser microphone.



For anyone buying a new condenser mic, they might want to take a close look at the Rode M2 and this is quite a lovely mic. You really are getting a quality tool whether you believe it’s high quality or otherwise. The sound quality is perfect and it comes with such a great price too. Buyers will end a great bargain here and for what you’re paying, you get a perfect vocal mic.

The high level RF rejection is a lovely addition and the locking on and off switch is perfect. The microphone comes with a heavy duty metal body that ensures the mic is reliable and will last forever too. However, you’re getting a sturdy constructed mic and it is going to last forever for you too.


The Best Condenser Mic for Vocals Under $100

When you find yourself working with a tight budget, you have to be a little more cautious as to what you spend. However even if you don’t have more than 100 dollars to spend that doesn’t mean to say you still can’t get a quality piece. The best condenser mic for vocals under 100 could potentially be the Audio Technica AT2010 cardioid condenser handheld microphone.



The Audio Technica offers a very basic feel to it however it offers quality beyond compare. Most people mistake the look for something that is very basic but in truth you are getting a lot for what you pay. This is in no way basic, it’s modern and with that simple finish it’s perfect. However, it’s strong and offers a great performance for every user.

The high SPL handling is a lovely addition and the extended frequency response is truly fantastic. The natural sonic feel to the condenser mic is truly perfect and the cardioid polar pattern is a lovely addition as well. With the cardioid pattern you are going to ensure it picks up sound from all angles. Also, you get good isolation so that keeps unwanted noises out.


The Best Condenser Mic for Vocals for the Money

If you’re searching for the very best condenser mic for vocals for the money then you may want to consider the Avantone Audio CV-12. The CV-12 looks quite appealing as it offers a lovely retro feel and that makes this standout for the very best. That retro design and finish is truly amazing and you don’t often see mics with this type of design either so that’s a real bonus.



However, the red finish to the body of the mic is appealing and the silver chrome finish to the rest of the mic is lovely too. In terms of cost, you’re getting a great deal and you will in fact get great value for money. If you’re someone who is after a bargain then this has to be it and it’s a perfect addition to any singer or performer.

For those who are dealing with a budget or limit then the Avantone has to be one of the top five you consider. It is a lovely microphone and there is a certain quality to it that makes this standout and very alluring. Whether it’s the retro feel or something else, this is definitely a mic that offers a host of rich quality.


The Best Budget Condenser Mic for Vocals

When it comes to budget mics, people really get a bad idea as to what this means. However, in truth, you can get some of the very best condenser microphones without overspending. That is what budget means and even if you’re got a limit, you can still enjoy the mics you buy. One of the very best budget condenser mic for vocals has to be the Shure BETA 87A Super cardioid condenser microphone for handheld vocal applications.



The Shure really does look very smart and while it’s technically on our budget list, it’s one of the top quality items available today. You have a very basic design in terms of handheld mics but still, this will be a great mic to use during performances. If you want to take to the stage, you can with the Shure and it’s great to use as practice tool as well at home or during practice sessions.

The smooth frequency response is amazing and the electronic low frequency features are great. You are going to be able to get a lovely sound with this and it’s not too bad in terms of costs either. Any buyer will enjoy using the condenser mic.


Vocals Must Be Perfect

When it comes to singing a song on stage or even practicing at home, your vocals is the most important feature. If you do not get the vocals right then everything can go wrong and that is why finding the best condenser mic for vocals is crucial. When you get up on that stage and sing your heart out with a great mic then you can be confident so never forget to buy the best mic for your vocals.