Best Headset Microphone for Singing

best-headset-microphone-for-singingHeadset microphones are basically the same as a regular handheld mic. They transmit your voice and make it louder through a sounds system and the only real exception to the headset mics are that they are attached to your head. Headset mics are more convenient for singers as they do not require holding them which can get distracting during full-on performances. Modern microphones such as the headset mics have been designed for convenience and in mind so they are easily one less distraction to worry about.

Headset microphones are very similar to one another with the only real difference being size. There are also wireless headsets which prove useful for performers too. These types of microphones have been designed specifically with singers and performers in mind as professionals will say singing and dancing with a mic on stage is tough. Have you tried it? It’s certainly a little challenging.

Finding the best headset microphone for singing is difficult at times too as you has many to choose from. You not only have to look at what features accompany the mic but how affordable it is for you personally. What seems like a good mic at two hundred is far too expensive for another and in all honesty, inexpensive mics can be just as good as the more costly ones! Mics should be subtle tools so they don’t interfere with performances but which is the best headset microphone for singing?

The 3 Best Headset Microphone for Singing Reviews

The Audio Technica PRO Dynamic Headset Mic

This headset mic is really best for those who are playing instruments and need their hands free but who also want to sing. Sometimes, you might not feel the headset is comfortable to wear and when you first wear it, it can seem very strange indeed. However once you wear the set and get used to them then they are really good. The mic arm can be adjusted so that you can be comfortable when singing and playing. The quality of sound is at its best and the Audio Technica really looks the part.

The Audio Technica is a real dynamic and reliable piece of equipment and there are a hundred different things you could do with this. Yes, it’s mainly used for singing but if you taught a class and wanted to project your voice, you could technically use this too. Its fair value for money and it does look quite professional also. This is a long-lasting headset and one that won’t let you down in the slightest.


The Shure WH20XLR Dynamic Headset Mic

Microphones can be at times clumsy things. They are big and not easy to hide and when you are performing and singing and moving around or dancing on the stage, it gets in the way. You can actually find how easy the mic is to become a hindrance rather than a helper but that is why the Shure WH20XLR mic is a great option to consider. With this you don’t have to hold the mic so you put on the headset, talk or sing as you would normally do with the exception there are no wires to worry about and nothing to carry.

For what you pay, you get a fair deal and it sits comfortably on the head too. You can feel very peaceful when performing whilst wearing this and that is a good thing. Performers should feel comfortable when out on the dance floor and if the mic doesn’t allow them to do that then there are no good.


Shure SM10A-CN Headset Mic

The Shure SM10A-CN looks good and feels like the one for singing your heart out on stage. If you are a new performer or trying to gain more experience with headset mics, this may be the one to consider. It isn’t overly pricey and it keeps things nice and simple.

If you are worried about how durable this headset will be, it’s wise to note that it’s flexible in areas but in others fragile. Now, that shouldn’t be an issue if you use this as you should. If you play around with the mic and drop it constantly then yes it’s not going to work out. However, if you are sensible and use this in the right manner then you shouldn’t have any issue s whatsoever. There is a great price to be had and the sound is excellent too.


The Best Headset Microphone for Singing for the Money

For quality mics that allow singers to express themselves during a performance, the Shure PGA31 performance condenser mic must be considered. This is thought as the best headset microphone for singing for the money. You aren’t just getting a low price but a high quality finish and a smartly designed mic. When you first see the microphone you might not be overly convinced it’s this amazing or even the best headset as it looks really small but it actually offers quite a lot. You are getting a subtle design that looks almost invisible during a performance.

Also, it’s a wireless frame so you don’t have to worry about being caught up in any wires! You can move freely around the stage without being weighed down since it’s lightweight and durable. The fit can be snug but not tight and with the polar pattern cardioid unwanted noise is reduced. This will ensure better sound quality and since it’s flexible, you can position the mic however you feel comfortable. If you feel one position doesn’t project your voice enough or feel it is a little distorted, you can adjust in seconds.


The Best Budget Headset Microphone for Singing

If you are looking for the very best budget headset microphone for singing you cannot find anything better or cheaper than the Linkte Condenser headset microphone. This beautiful little headset will not set you back ten dollars and while that might send you running for the hills, it’s not what you think. It is a basic headset mic but that doesn’t mean to say it isn’t the best available right now. The quality here is very high and until you try you won’t know how good it is. Budget wise, you are not going to find a better microphone headset!

You can easily connect the Linkte to your computer and record your singing on backing tracks immediately. This is a very simple headset to use and shouldn’t have too much trouble with either. The headset is very small in size but it’s portable and convenient to record whenever and wherever you like. The mic arm can be adjusted easily as it’s flexible.


The Best Wireless Headset Microphone for Singing

Choosing the best wireless headset microphone for singing is tough but it seems there is one that stands out against the others and that is the AV-JEFE AVL6101 vocalist headset microphone. This is perfect for those who want to sing on the stage or do a spot of living performing. The AV-JEFE does look quite nice and it has been simply designed so that performers get more from the mic.

The price for this headset comes in at around eighty dollars and while this may seem pretty expensive compared to a few others here, it’s still a fairly average price. I suppose it comes down to what you feel is good value for money and you never know, you might be able to pick this up in a sale. The flexible gooseneck boom allows users to comfortably place the mic and get maximum vocal control too. Adjusting takes a few seconds and doesn’t require a lot of work either so that’s a plus point.

AV-JEFE has been designed and aimed at professionals who spend their time on the stage singing professionally. This is really worth the money and it has to be the best wireless headset microphone for singing. When you sing, you get a lovely high quality sound that makes you feel at ease with your performance. It will also work with various transmitters such as the PT160 and 40.


The Best Headset Microphone for Singing Live

The Lanno 2.4G wireless headset is the best headset microphone for singing live. Now, this is technically 2 in 1! You can use the headset as a hands free feature or if you really wanted to, you could disconnect the headset and opt for a handheld mic instead! However, if you are going to sing live then you probably want the headset and that is a great tool indeed. You will find it’s user-friendly and can offer the best way to perform on stage.

For those working with a budget, the Lanno is a great option to consider as it offers a fairly decent (and small) price. However, the wireless technology that accompanies the mic is great because it helps to keep interference at a minimum. Audio goes through loud and very clear and while many will say it’s best for conference speaking, I think it’s a solid tool to sing live on stage. It offers clear sound.


The Best Headset Mic for Singing Drummers

The EMB Pro wireless headset mic JG3301 has to be the best headset mic for singing drummers. It has an extremely affordable cost that most will appreciate and it looks nice and professional. The mic has a simple design that ensures drummers who sing don’t have to worry too much about their mics.

The wireless feature is a lovely addition to the microphone seat. You are going to find this is super easy to use even if you haven’t had a lot of experience with microphones in the past. This actually runs on batteries so that is a little strange in a sense. However, if you buy good quality batteries then they can last forever so you don’t have to worry too much about changing new batteries every time you use the mic.

Wireless is a bit of a hit-and-miss at times depending on how good your coverage is. Some say this doesn’t always offer a huge range in terms of wireless capabilities but it’s not too bad either. For drummers this is good because you can pick up the sound of the drums along with the singing too so that is useful.


Making the Choice Easy

There are many good microphone headsets to consider and each of them offers something slightly different, whether it’s price or additional features. However if you aren’t looking for an overly fancy model, you should try to think about a basic model with an affordable price. This could be a lot easier for you in the long-term and as long as it does what you need it to do, you should enjoy using it. Finding the best headset microphone for singing is a lot simpler than you’d think.