Best Home Studio Mic

best-home-studio-micWhat is the best home studio mic? It’s hard to pin-point which is the best home studio mic as there are many to choose from. However, condenser microphones are special in a sense as they work because of the sound waves that create electrical signals. When the signals are created they are able to amplify the sound. They come with exceptional frequency response that allows them to capture very small sounds in vocal and acoustic recording.

Home studio mics are somewhat different from professional studios as they are smaller and more convenient. However, larger studio microphones aren’t always convenient in a small home and it’s hard to record music without a good mic. Choosing the best home studio mic is important and it is very easy to find the right one too. The following are a few of the best home studio microphones available today.

The Top 3 Home Studio Mic Reviews

Pre Sonus Audio Box

You aren’t just getting a simple microphone; you are getting a complete home studio package. Users get an audio box, headphones, cable, USB cable, software and the actual mic so it is one very big package. Now, you getting quite a lot here but surprisingly it isn’t overly expensive. Yes, you are paying close to two hundred dollars but if you think about it, you aren’t just getting a microphone.

The mic itself is pretty standard but comes with a host of impressive features. If you are a fan of recording on your computer then the USB allows you to do just that. The mic can be mounted if you wanted to and the overall cost is fairly decent too which is good for those who want a simple tool.


Talent Be-A-Star Mini Portable USB Mic

One of the best home studio mics has to be the Talent Be a Star mini portable USB mic. Don’t be fooled by the name you are getting a high quality microphone for a good and reasonable price. If you want to start recording from home then this mic offers everything you need and more. There is the USB mic along with the USB cable and even an isolation booth which isn’t often seen. The shock mount and filter are nice additions too.


CESTORE Sound Recording Studio Mic

This beautiful microphone comes with noise canceling which is great for home recording. There is also the simple shock mount accessory. Cestore sound recording studio microphone is exceptional. It works perfectly for voice recording and singing and vocal too so you are getting a nice range here. The mic comes with a plug and play system which is useful to most people. However, the mic can work with almost any computer as it’s compatible with Windows and Mac. There is a simple noise cancellation feature and that helps to bring a high performance setting.


The Best Home Studio Mic for Best Value

If you are looking for a good value microphone the Zax Sound professional cardioid condenser mic has to be that. This is the best home studio mic for best value and works with a variety of Smartphone’s to give everyone the best chance to record at home with ease. The overall costs are very much affordable so those who are interested in getting value and quality should look to the Zax Sound.

In all honesty, this is a budget orientated mic and comes with high sensitivity too. Although, budget made doesn’t mean poor quality as it really does offer a lot. There is noise cancellation and the cardioid pickup pattern looks smart and keeps distortion low. The mic also comes with an audio jack plug and a USB. When you connect this to your computer you are going to find there is no need for any installation of software.


The Best Cheap Studio Microphone for Vocals

If you are focused on your vocals and have a small budget, finding the best cheap studio microphone for vocals may seem like a challenge. However, there are some really great options available to you including the MXL TEMPOXLR multipurpose vocal condenser microphone. The FET preamp comes with a balanced output so more clear sounds and less distortion to contend with.

With such a low price, you can be easily fooled into believing there is something lacking but surprisingly there isn’t. The MXL does have a nice finish and the style is going to be a firm favorite for those who are focused on improve their vocals. It looks far more expensive than it actually is so that is such a great advantage. Versatility is given here and that shines through when vocals are at the forefront.


Choosing the Best Home Studio Mic Preamp

Preamp mics are very popular and if you are searching for the best home studio mic preamp you may want to think about the ART Tube MP microphone preamp. This mic is small but very ample and the overall costs aren’t too expensive. Now, it’s less than forty dollars and that is really good because if your budget is small you have to make sure you’re getting quality and valued equipment.

The design is somewhat basic in a sense but it is far more superior than it looks. The sound quality is really very smooth and you can find this to be extremely versatile too. There is output and input controls available and the reversal switch too.


The Best Home Studio Microphone for Vocals

The Audio-Technica AT4033CL is the best home studio microphone for vocals. If you love to sing or are planning to record some tunes anytime soon then the Audio-Technica is the one for you. The mic is suitable for solo performances or group if you want to do some bank recording. Surprisingly the AT4033CL is suitable for multi-recording which means it handles vocals and instruments collectively. You will find the sounds to be perfect and low frequency distortion is possible through the specially created circuit.

The large diaphragm helps to capture vocals with ease and it handles acoustic instruments well. It’s a little on the higher end in terms of price which most will find unappealing. However, putting the price to one side, you are getting a great quality mic and it’s great if you’re focusing on vocal. If you are worried about costs, you might be able to budget somewhere.


The Best Home Studio Recording Microphone

Buying the best home studio recording microphone can be a lot easier to find when you have an idea what you need and want. The Neumann TLM 102 is the best home studio recording microphone and while it is a little more on the pricey side, it is really good. If you are looking for the best, you might want to pay out a little extra on this and the Neumann is a great mic to consider buying.

This comes with a lot of features, premium ones and that of course adds to the overall costs. However, the features are the standout point and they are really impressive whether you use them or know them. Entry level singers and performers might think this mic is a little too fancy for them but it is actually good for all singers, whether they are experienced or otherwise. It’s a high-end mic and one most will enjoy.

If you are heading towards the professional level then the Neumann is the best option to consider. Its sensitivity is quite sensitive and impressive to say the least.


The Best Home Studio Mic for Rap

If you are interested in rapping and want the best home studio mic for rap then you may want to consider the MXL Genesis studio tube condenser microphone. Now, these look imposing and very smart but that is what you want. Rap is a skilful art and you can’t have just any mic, you need one that is strong, reliable and durable. The MXL does offer everything you need and more and that is why it’s one of the very best mics available on the market today.

The MXL does offer some old-school technology and that is really smart. Yes this is the digital generation but sometimes the older technology is still useful and it’s great to see it used here too. You have some lovely analog features which make it perfect for home use. Creating a home studio is supposed to be simple so you have to think what makes the best home studio mic for rap.

There is a vintage feel with the mic and that makes it a firm favorite amongst many. It’s not top, top dollar in terms of price however, the quality is very high indeed. Rappers will enjoy the vintage feel and it is going to allow them to become a rapper at home. The glossy red and silver finish is really distinctive and the performance is at the top end of the scale.

More Quality and Less Waste

Creating a home studio is important for budding artists and musicians and sometimes they need to be on the simplicity side rather than the side which has fancy features. Yes, it would be really nice to have the biggest, the most expensive and the most outlandish studio mic but it isn’t necessary. The focus should be on how quality the sounds are. Buy the best home studio mic and start your recording career today.