Best Kids Microphone

best-kids-microphoneSearching for the best kid’s microphone isn’t difficult. Microphones for children are somewhat different from regular mics; their purpose remains the same but their functions can be somewhat basic at times. Now, you might not think that’s true but there are small differences between a basic adult microphone and a child’s one.

Children’s are usually smaller and brightly painted with cartoon characters. However, the microphones transmit sound and are suitable for use with karaoke machines and for the small stage too. If you have a child who loves to sing it’s time to buy them a mic and get their vocals blasting their favorite songs. However, what is the best kid’s microphone to buy?

The Best Kids Microphone Reviews

First Act Microphone MO955

This Act MO955 microphone is certainly amongst the best kid’s microphones and you are going to find this particular model is aimed at younger children. Now, the microphone is basic in a sense but does offer some fun for the children for hours on end. However, one amazing feature is that the singer can make their voice sound just like Disney favorite Minnie Mouse!

OK, so older kids aren’t going to enjoy this if they don’t like Minnie Mouse but having said that, you probably will enjoy the hours of fun this can provide. It is battery operated so it’s not overly difficult to run and super easy to use.


First Act Microphone JP955

First Act has become a well recognized name in children’s musical toys and this one looks really nice. Now, again, this is aimed at the younger kids but that is a good thing. If your children love to sing or want to one day become a performer, the JP955 is a nice addition. It’s pirate theme is probably more suited to boys but it does the job for those who want to sing their hearts out. The mic is handheld and battery operated too which is an appealing factor as children shouldn’t be playing around with wires. You also get a nice drum roll feature which is very nice too if the kids want to add another element to their songs.


First Act DP924 Disney Princess Royal Mic

When you’re buying a child’s microphone you want to make sure of a few things. You want to make sure the mic is safe to use, reliable and durable as you don’t want to have to replace these every week or when the child throws a tantrum. The cost for Act DP824 Disney Princess Royal Mic is just over the ten dollar mark so while you might think it’s a waste of money, it’s really good. Putting the cost to one side and you’re going to find it offers a lot for what you receive. The pink finish with the Disney princess characters are a nice addition too as it makes young children want to sing along with their favorite Disney songs.

Nickelodeon DE425 Vocal Dynamic Microphone

The Nickelodeon DE425 vocal dynamic microphone is more of a standing microphone however that does all a lot more quality to the mic than you would think. Children who want to feel like a performer will love the added stand and it isn’t very expensive either. You are paying around twenty dollars so you will find it to be a fair price and the Dore the Explorer finish is appealing for most too. You get the mic and amp and the stand is adjustable too.


First Act NT955 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mic

Budding rock stars will absolutely love this First Act NT955 model. It comes finished with the ever popular teenage mutant ninja turtles and is battery operated. You are not going to find a better little mic for younger singers. It doesn’t look very appealing to parents at first but you have to remember, this is for children and they aren’t going to want something too fancy. These mics are plain and very simple so you shouldn’t be too put off by that.


The Best Kids Microphone for the Money

On first glance, the Wireless Fifine USB Microphone may look like an adult microphone, however don’t let the design fool you. This is the best kid’s microphone for the money and it suitable for all ages. It looks smart and is subtly designed which is always a bonus.

To be honest, this mic is aimed more so that the older kids who want to look a little more grown up. It’s a plug n play system with the USB feature so there is no fiddly wires to worry about and it’s compatible with all Macintosh and Windows PC’s. The mic can be used to record or put tunes online; kids can sing their favorite songs, record and send to their friends or family online. Its wireless so no cords and comes with a built in USB and sound card.

The large diaphragm cardiod pattern within the mic offers great vocal recording, picks up low noises and keeps distortion to a minimum. There is no difficult set-up required either and since there is a built in recording chip, children can sing, record and share.

For less than forty dollars, you’re getting great value here and that is what you want. Your kids want a reliable mic that will last time and time again and you probably don’t want to keep paying money for another new mic. However, with the Wireless you don’t have to worry about that as it’s tough and made to last. It does what you need it to do.


The Best Cheap/Budget Kids Microphone

First Act FR934 Disney Frozen Majestic Microphone is the best budget kid’s microphone you will find today. If you have children who love to sing then why not opt for this beautiful microphone? It looks stunning with Disney’s Frozen characters applied to the finish and the sky blue design offers a homely feel. Most children will appreciate their favorite characters on the microphone and it isn’t overly priced either.

Most would think this mic is just for female singers but in actual fact, it’s suitable for all ages and boys and girls too. It’s around the thirty dollar range which might seem expensive to some but its durable and will last which is what you want. Some of the least costly models can be a little too flimsy and break very easily so if you want a stronger model the First Act FR935 is suitable.

This microphone can be great for those working with a small budget and if you shop around you might be able to pick this up for less! However, the mic can be used with an amp which isn’t supplied but hopefully you already have one at home and if not, they can be pretty inexpensive too if you look for them. No batteries are required to use the mic and it’s perfect for vocal singing. It’s a dynamic microphone so it’s good for those who love to sing or want to try their hand at their favorite Disney songs.

For fans of Frozen, this children’s mic is the one to buy! It’s cheap but good quality.


Buy The Best Kids Microphone

If your children love to sing and hope to one day become budding artists, they need the best microphones. Buying your children the very best kid’s microphone can be so useful whether they turn out to be wonderful singers or occasional karaoke delights. Kid microphones are small, inexpensive and great practice tools to utilize. Children of all ages, from four to sixteen can use the microphones and practice their tunes in style at home.