Best Live Vocal Mic

Live Vocal Mic reviewsWhat is the best live vocal mic? This has become a very well sought after question as more and more performers look at buying the very best microphones to accompany them on stage. Live performances is really quite different from in a recording studio; when you’re in a recording studio, issues can be picked up and corrected but when you’re live, there is no going back and no second chances. That is why you really need the best live vocal microphone.

Microphones are found in a variety of everyday items such as hearing aids and even telephones and they take the sound and turn that into an electrical signal. When you sing into the mic, your vocals will be transmitted to a receiver such as a loudspeaker and your voice will be projected around the room. However, if the mic isn’t the best then it can affect the quality of sound which might result in your vocals not sounding great either.

That is why the best microphone is needed and not just any will do the best for live performances are crucial. If you do not find a mic that works effectively for a live performance then the act might be ruined. Choosing the best live vocal mic is highly important and not as difficult as you might think either. Read on and find the best live vocal microphone reviews.

Top 5 Best Live Vocal Mic Reviews

The Shure KSM9 Handheld Vocal Microphone

Durability is what every user wants when it comes to a microphone otherwise it’s a real waste of time and money. The Shure KSM9 handheld vocal microphone has to be amongst the very best and it is truly durable! In terms of reliability this is the one that shines through and there is quite a lot on offer here too.



You’re getting a premium microphone and one that looks great and really stands out. However, you aren’t just getting a nice looking mic; you are getting one which offers so much quality. There is a great frequency range response and this works with any live performance too. If you wanted to put on a small show, this would be a great tool to use also.

However, the Shure isn’t too costly and that is so important to remember. This is a great high quality mic and this will work no matter the performance you want to put on. The advanced suspension shock mount is great and the switchable cardioid and super cardioid polar patterns are lovely too. The mic is super strong and reliable too.


The AKG Pro Audio C535 EB Condenser Vocal Microphone

AKG is a big name when it comes to microphones and they do not fail to deliver. One of the very best to come from AKG must be the AKG Pro audio C535 EB condenser vocal microphone. When you first see this mic you will find it’s very appealing in so many ways. You are not just getting a simple tool but a reliable one and that’s what you have to remember.



However, the AKG has been a firm favorite for many for the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. The sound quality to come from this is really at its best and when you are giving a live performance this will not let you down. That is why the AKG has become vastly popular of late.

The AKG isn’t too weighty either and that is something which is very important to remember. Too many people think they need a weighty mic in their hand to know they’ve got a quality item but that isn’t always the case. Having a lightweight mic is perfect and the switchable pre-attenuation pad is great.


The Neumann KMS 105

For those who want a strong tool but don’t want to have the high price tag, the Neumann KMS 105 has to be amongst the very best. When you see the Neumann you will utterly love it and it’s not hard to see why. This is truly a lovely microphone and you are going to find it works for any live performance and it’s easy to setup and use too.



The sound quality from this mic is amazing and it’s great whether you’re playing in front of a small or large crowd. However, the super cardioid polar pattern is a lovely addition and the best thing of all; you get low self noise which makes this more appealing. You don’t want handling noises to interrupt your performance and with this, you don’t get any of that.

The design is very appealing and extremely simple but that is the standout point. You do not have to worry about anything detracting from the quality of the mic. However, you’re getting a lovely piece to work with and one that is going to offer so much. You will enjoy using this microphone and it’s easy to get used to as well.

Sennheiser E965 Large Diaphragm Condenser Handheld Microphone

For those who are searching for a reliable live vocal mic, they may want to consider the Sennheiser E965 large diaphragm condenser handheld microphone. This is not only a nice looking mic but one that offers so much. You are going to love the Sennheiser and all it offers.



In all honesty, when you perform live, you want a strong microphone and not just one that looks strong but one that brings the strength to your performance. This mic does that and so much more. You will be able to use this during your performances whether it’s to a crowd of six or sixty! That is why you will want to use this and it’s easy to setup as well.

However, the switchable pick-up cardioid and super cardioid patterns are lovely and make a great addition to any mic as well. The low cut switch which is going to keep unwanted background noises to a minimum is perfect too. You are going to find the Sennheiser is a perfect addition to any singer’s collection.


Heil Sound PR 35 Dynamic Microphone

The Heil Sound PR 35 dynamic microphone has to be amongst the very best live vocal mics to choose from today. There is a lovely appeal to the mic that keeps you coming back for more and while it might look like a basic mic, it does what you need it to do. Too many people forget they microphones don’t have to offer bells and whistles as long as they have the power to back them up.



This microphone does look it’s very best though and it isn’t too big either, it’s nice in terms of size and weight so you’re getting a good mic here. However, the simple design is strong and very useful and you don’t have to worry about struggling to set this up before a performance. The cost for the mic is quite reasonable too.

If you want a reliable mic that works for live performances then the Heil Sound is a great option to consider. This microphone is lovely and appeals to most users as well. However, you’re getting real quality and that is something to remember.


The Best Wireless Vocal Mic for Live Performance

One of the very best microphones buyers can source today must be the Sennheiser SKM 100-835 G3 Wireless transmitter CH A. Now, this has to be the best wireless vocal mic for live performance or at least amongst the very best and there is a certain charm about it too. The mic is strong and very powerful indeed and it certainly will pack a real punch whether you want to conduct a short live performance or a long one.



However, the Sennheiser does offer a lovely a very simple outer body that doubles up as a transmitter. The mic can work with most receivers too as long as it’s compatible with the mic. Setting this up can be incredibly simple and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes at best. That is one of the biggest reasons why more have chosen wireless as it’s more effective.

The Sennheiser does look very appealing and it offers such a lovely tune as well. When you want to give a great vocal performance and live, this will be the one the buyers opt for. This truly looks appealing and there is a certain look to it that is subtle and very nice. Also, you’re getting a fairly decent price too.


The Best Sennheiser Live Vocal Mic

Sennheiser is one of the biggest names in the music industry and they have a lovely range of microphones to choose from. However, which is the best Sennheiser live vocal mic? Well, you really do have a few options to consider but there is one which looks very nice and is quite appealing. The Sennheiser e 965 large diaphragm condenser handheld microphone is truly a lovely mic and one you can enjoy using time and time again.



However, if you want to give a live vocal performance then the e 965 has to be amongst the best to choose from and it offers such a lovely feel to it as well. You might think it’s a very basic model here but in all honesty when you’re singing live you need a very basic mic that can handle whatever you throw at it! It’s as simple as that and this one comes with a switchable pick-up cardioid and super cardioid pattern.

The low cut switch helps to ensure external and unwanted noises from handling doesn’t cause too much trouble. Also, this can be mounted to a stand which is great and the microphone is easy to setup too. Anyone will enjoy using this mic.


The Best Live Vocal Condenser Microphone

When you give a live performance the type of mic you go on stage with can make all the difference. If you don’t have a trustee tool then you are going to find you’re at a real disadvantage and that is why the best live vocal condenser microphone is needed. The Sennheiser E865 lead vocal condenser microphone is one of the very best and while you might think there are more than just Sennheiser mics available, it is one amazing option.



When you use the Sennheiser you are going to find you get a very nice design and one that is easy to use during a performance as well. The simplistic finishing is extremely appealing and the steel inlet basket helps to keep the internal components safe and secure. The response from the mic is perfect and you are going to be able to get great sound quality too which is a real important element.

However, this can be used for a variety of shows and still offers great performance. The super cardioid pick-up pattern is very lovely and the costs are fair too. Anyone who plans a live vocal session will adore this mic and it’s not hard to see why. It truly is one of the very best available today.


The Best Live Vocal Mic Under $500

The Sennheiser MD431-II Super cardioid handheld dynamic microphone is a beautiful mic and this will be a standout design for most. If you are looking for the best live vocal mic under 500, the Sennheiser might be the best choice. There are a lot of options to consider but it has to be said that the mic is a lovely option. This isn’t just a nice looking mic; it’s very strong and powerful too.



The construction of the Sennheiser is truly great and it’s not too subtle but not overly fancy ether. The sound quality from this is amazing and the shock mounted capsule can help to keep distortion at a very bare minimum too. The integral pop filter is a lovely feature and the on and off switch is easy to use too.

Setting up the mic is a real piece of cake and anyone can use this during a live performance. You will find the sound quality to be excellent and very impressive too. You are getting a great mic and one which isn’t too costly either. That is something to remember and you will really enjoy what you are getting with this too.


The Best Live Vocal Mic Under $300

You’re dealing with a tight budget so now what? Well, you don’t have to compromise on quality despite what so many people believe. Getting the best live vocal mic under 300 isn’t impossible as long as you look at the choices available to you. The Telefunken M80 dynamic microphone is one of the most appealing mics and it comes well within the 300 range too.



The Telefunken not only looks good but stands out for all the right reasons. You might not be overly convinced about this mic but it is actually a very impressive tool and one that will bring all the quality you will need. The costs are fair and the design is nice and very appealing too. You will love to use this mic and it’s easy to setup as well.

The high SPL capabilities are amazing and it comes with a lovely rugged design too. These are great points of the mic and you will love them too. You can get great vocals from the mic and even giving a live performance will be a piece of cake. The mic is a beautiful one.


The Best Live Vocal Mic Under $200

The Rode M2 Handheld condenser microphone has to be amongst the very best options to consider when you’re looking to stay within a certain range. This is the best live vocal mic under 200 or one of the very best available and it looks vastly appealing from all angles. You aren’t just getting an affordable microphone, you’re getting a powerful mic and one that comes with a fair few features too.



For starters, you have the super cardioid pick-up pattern which is really quite nice and the locking on and off switch are easy to use as well. These features are simple but very effective and they help make the mic easier to use. However you’re going to get a lovely and very reliable mic and it will certainly be the one that is great for a live performance too.

However, the high level RF rejection is a stunning feature and not one so often see. This is one reason why it’s so popular and it’s a great live performance microphone as well. You are just going to adore the mic and all it has to offer as well. It’s costs are fairly good too.


The Best Live Vocal Mic Under $100

For those who don’t want to spend a great deal of money on a live vocal mic, there are plenty of great microphones to consider. One of those which are well worth considering must be the Beyerdynamic TG-V60D dynamic cardioid microphone for vocals. If you’re looking for the best life vocal mic under 100 this could be it and it truly does have a lot on offer.



Now, as soon as you see the TG-V50D you will think it’s a basic model but don’t let the design fool you. This has a lot to offer and it’s powerful and very reliable indeed which is the most important element here. Yes, you are getting a great price and one which is very affordable but the quality is there most of all. The dynamic moving coil cardioid feature is great and very appealing.

However, the treble resonator is a lovely addition and the reduction of distortion is great. When you are singing live, this will be the one you want and it’s not difficult to see why. It’s a lovely addition and one that offers so much too.


The Best Live Vocal Mic for Best Value

The Shure SM86-LC Cardioid condenser vocal microphone is a lovely microphone and one that is perfect for live performances as well. If you want to find the best live vocal mic for best value then the Shure might be the ideal option. You aren’t getting an expensive mic and there is a lot of quality on offer which is perfect.



However, the condenser mic is a powerful tool and if you want to give a great live performance then this Shure mic is a great one to use. The cardioid pattern helps to reduce distortion and you can capture sound better too. There is a lovely simple look to the mic and yet there is something that draws you to it.

The Shure is quite a lovely little microphone and it’s perfect for singers who want to belt out a few tunes! However, it’s a great value for money so that has to be thought of. Too many people think they have to spend a fortune to get a good mic but that isn’t quite true. This one is a great mic to consider.


The Best Budget Live Vocal Mic

When you have a budget or must work with a budget a lot can be put-off the idea of buying microphones as they think it cannot be found. However, while it might seem that way, it is very simple to find the best budget live vocal mic. There are many that really standout and in all honesty you don’t have to spend too much either!

The Shure BETA 87A super cardioid condenser microphone for handheld vocal applications can be a beautiful mic and one that can be very effective. However, you are getting a fair price for this mic and it offers a very crisp and clear sound as well. If you want to give a great live performance this is the one for use and in all honesty it’s high quality too!



The electronic low frequency roll off helps to ensure even if you speak very close to the mic, there is no distortion. That is so important as you don’t want to sing or speak and be inaudible half way across the room. You really have to think about that as it’s very important. Also, the super cardioid polar pattern is an effective addition as well.


Take Your Time to Find the Best Live Vocal Mic

Everyone is in a rush to buy but there is no real need to rush! This is an important decision and one that must be taken carefully. Think about what you need and what the microphones offer too and when you believe the best has been found then act. Buying the best live vocal mic can be simple if you put your mind to it.