Best Microphone for Voice Over

Microphone for Voice Over Reviews
Microphones are simple tools. They are a transducer which may sound like a very complex tool but in reality it’s a very easy item to understand once you know the basics. The mic takes the sound (when someone speaks or sings into it) and turns that into electrical signals. When this occurs, the signal can be sent to a loudspeaker and there are many varieties of microphones available also.

Do you understand the difference between a microphones aimed at voice over to one designed for vocals? You aren’t alone and in truth there aren’t any real major differences with the exception the voice over mics are built specifically for voice over recording which means they pick-up more audio and keep distortion and unwanted handling noises to a bare minimum.

If you want to know a little more about the options available to you then you might want to read the best microphone for voice over reviews. Reviews can really open your eyes up to the potential when it comes to mics and of course, you can learn a little more about them in general too. Read on and find a few of the very best mic reviews.

Top 5 Best Microphone for Voice over Reviews


The Mojave Audio Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Professional Microphone

Voice over work is incredibly long and tiresome and if you don’t have the right equipment to hand, it can be made far longer! So, if you want a reliable tool, the Mojave Audio large diaphragm tube condenser professional microphone might be the ideal solution to consider getting your hands on today. This mic not only looks nice but it very appealing and for all the right reasons too.



The Mojave has become a well known name of late and this is truly one of the most quality mics to consider as well. However, you are truly getting a very strongly constructed item and one that is full of excellence. You are getting a fair price for what is on offer here and it is at the top end of the scale so if you want a professional tool, the Mojave is the one to choose.

However, the design is quite nice and appealing and simple. That is a major talking point about the mic as it’s nice to see such a lovely and very simple tool. You get a lovely finished mic but one that doesn’t need anything fancy to showcase its quality. This is what you have to remember and it’s something you will adore too.

The AKG Pro Audio C535 EB Condenser Vocal Microphone

For those who want a reliable tool then the AKG Pro Audio C535 EB condenser vocal microphone has to be the one to consider. The microphone is truly one of the very best and there is a lot to get from this as well. The AKG pro audio C535 EB is lovely in terms of its design and overall look.



To be honest, this AKG is a great vocal microphone and not just for singing or talking on stage, it’s great for recording voice over work too. That is something many people fail to see but it’s good to know this fact about this mic as it makes it more appealing. However, it is a big name and one that offers so much.

The switchable pre-attenuation pad is a lovely feature and you have the bass roll off filter which reduces unwanted noises. The weight of the mic is quite light and very well balanced too which again is very important. You will love using the AKG and all it provides.

MIC 96K Professional Quality USB Microphone For iPad, iPhone And Mac

There are many great microphones to choose from and one which stands out has to be the MIC 96K professional quality USB microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Now, when you first see this, you might be a little surprised with how nice it looks! You don’t often see a lot of modern mics with a retro twist and find they actually work but this one does so that’s a real bonus.



However, the studio quality cardioid condenser mic is a perfect addition and a great tool to use when you want to record voice over materials. This is truly a great microphone and it is going to be able to deal with a lot of usage in a short period of time. The quality is there and that doesn’t just stop at sound quality but at the construction quality too.

The USB connection is a lovely addition and the design makes it extremely easy to use to capture voice over work. You shouldn’t have any trouble setting up the mic or using it as it’s very simple in terms of its design. This is a lovely microphone and one that offers so much quality.


The Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone

A top quality microphone to consider today would have to be the Rode NT-USB USB condenser microphone. Now, at first glance, this looks very appealing and alluring and it really is quite an impressive mic. You are going to get a trusted tool that will never let you down.



What is really good has to be the USB connectivity. Now, for most, they will fail to notice how important this is but it’s great especially for voice over work. When you want to record your work this is the feature you want and it certainly ensures you get a real quality sound finish. The quality of your voice over work is important to get a project finished and to get repeat work too.

However, the ultra low noise filter is great and the on mic mix control is ideal too. The high quality studio feel is amazing and you know this is perfect no matter what you want to record. This is the microphone that will give you so much for so little.


VO 1-A Harlan Hogan Signature Series Microphone – The Voiceover Microphone

You take your voice over work seriously and it’s necessary to find a tool that works not only for your convenience but for the quality of recordings too. There is one that really stands out and that is the VO 1-A Harlan Hogan signature series microphone – the voiceover microphone. Now, this really does what it says, it’s a perfect voiceover mic and it stands out for all the right reasons too.



When you first see this mic you will understand you’ve got a real quality item on your hands and it will certainly appeal to you. However, the overall design is very nice and not too over the top which is always great to see. It’s lovely without trying and the studio quality voice over mic is amazing because you do get a studio quality feel.

The Harlan Hogan is a great microphone to use when it comes to voice over work and it’s not too difficult to setup or use either. That is a great feature too as you don’t want a mic that takes forever to setup. This is a real quality microphone.


What Is The Best Microphone For Voice Acting?

The Blue Microphones Mouse Microphone KC has to be the very best microphone for voice acting. This is such a lovely mic and it won’t let you down either. In terms of sound quality you could not ask for more and it’s such a great system too. You will not have trouble using the Blue Mic whether you want to use it on a daily basis or once every few months.



The hand-built large diaphragm capsule is very lovely and this is a feature rarely seen! You don’t often see hand-built anything today so that is a real bonus and it will become a talking point as well. You will just adore the microphone and it will be a very simple tool to use when it comes to voice acting and voice over work.

The integrated suspension shock mount is a lovely addition and the rotating head ensures you are comfortable while talking. The mic is hand tuned and this is going to ensure the sound quality is at its very best no matter what. However, you’re getting a great price and one that stands out for the very best.


What Is The Best USB Microphone For Voice Over?

The Razer Seiren Pro Elite XLR and USB digital microphone has to be amongst the very best options to consider today. If you’re searching for the best USB microphone for voice over work then the Razer is the one to choose. This is quite an appealing mic and there is a lovely unique design to it that really makes this standout and that is something you will appreciate.



You don’t often see a microphone that’s quite appealing in its overall design and finish but this one is so that’s amazing. The HD recording is perfect as it helps to ensure your recordings sound great no matter what! However, you also have the four adjustable recording cardioid patterns and that is a real conversation starter.

The plug and play USB connection is a lovely addition and this makes recording onto a computer or other mobile device very easy indeed. The high pass filters are lovely additional features to work with and you will love how easy the microphone is to setup and use.


What Is The Best Microphone For Voice Recognition?

If you want to find the best microphone for voice recognition you may want to consider the Dictaphone Nuance Power Mic II speech recognition hand microphone with cradle. This is a very appealing microphone and one that is very impressive to say the least. Whether you know a lot about mic for voice recognition or otherwise, this will surely be the one for you.



However, the microphone is truly one of the very best available today and it is something that you will enjoy time and time again. The USB connection is easy to use and offers a simple plug and play system too so that’s a real bonus. There is also the track point button which is great and the low noise high quality features too.

Whether you use this all the time or only occasionally it will fast become a treasured tool. You will enjoy using this time and time again and there is a lot on offer as well. There is nothing to dislike here and the cost for this is also very reasonable.


What Is The Best Headset Microphone For Voice Recording?

The Countryman E6OW6T2SR Springy E6 Omni directional ear set with 2mm cable is one of the very best headsets available today. If you are someone who is searching for the best headset microphone for voice recording you might want to take a close look at the Countryman. Now, this doesn’t offer anything too fancy but it does what you need it to do which is perfect.



Ideally, voice recording should be done in a simple manner and with as little effort as humanly possible. That isn’t too difficult to find and the Countryman is a great option to consider. This headset is strong, effective and very appealing no matter whether you want a basic headset or a more advanced one.

The Omni directional wireless ear set is a lovely option to consider. You can easily record voice over work or vocals if you wanted to do some singing. However, this is a multi-purpose headset really and it’s one that comes with a fair price as well. That is why this has become a popular option and it is a nice one too.


What Is The Best Microphone For Voice Over Work?

Voice over work can be made far simpler when you have the best microphone for voice over work. Now, there are quite a few to consider and one which stands out must be the Blue Yeti Pro USB condenser microphone. Despite it being a USB mic, it really is powerful and super strong. A lot of people are worried when they hear about USB mics but in truth this is a lovely one.



In terms of quality you’re getting a lot and you aren’t paying out a great deal either which is unusual but very appealing! If you are someone who wants a great mic but are short on space then the Blue Yeti has to be the ideal one for you too. This doesn’t take up a great deal of space within a home or office so it shouldn’t be too difficult to have around.

The three custom condenser capsules are lovely and very unusual to say the least. However, the four polar patterns are amazing and this helps to ensure you get great quality sound whilst dealing with your voice over work. However, the AD converter is a great addition and you know you don’t have to worry too much about the distortion either.


What Is The Best USB Microphone For Voice Over Recording?

Voice over recording needs to be done in a professional manner and it’s just as important as standing in front of a camera and speaking the words. If you do not have a professional tool then you can easily be rubbish at voice over work. However, when you have a great microphone then you can easily conduct your voice over work and the Blue Raspberry premium mobile USB microphone for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad is a great option to consider.



The Blue Raspberry does come with a really nice and modern design and that is certainly something you will enjoy. There aren’t too many designs such as this so when you see it, it’s quite appealing. The red finish to the lower half of the mic is very nice and while it’s modern, you do feel like it has a retro twist to it.

The USB feature is easy to use and offers a plug and play system as well. You shouldn’t have too much trouble setting the microphone up or connecting this to your computer either. This is nicely priced however and it’s easily amongst the very best available today.


What Is The Best Microphone For Voice Over For The Money?

For those who are dealing with a little budget, it’s necessary to think a little more wisely before jumping in and making the wrong decision. You have a few options to consider too and one which has become very popular is the Audio Technica AT2020 USB Plus cardioid condenser USB microphone. If you’re looking for the best microphone for the money the Audio Technica may be the one to consider.



However, you are getting a lovely microphone here and one which is full of power and strength. In terms of its design and construction, the mic is at its best. There is a lovely design and the best materials have gone into creating the microphone. The high quality AD converter is great and you can easily deal with your voice over work with this mic.

The Audio Technica does look like a great option however and it does come with a fair price too. You might be a little wary when it comes to buying a microphone with a lower price tag but in truth you don’t have to worry. This microphone is truly a lovely option to consider and it’s very strong too.


What Is The Best Cheap Microphone For Voice Over?

When it comes to buying a cheap microphone, a lot of people get the wrong idea as to what they are looking for exactly! However, the best cheap microphone for voice over doesn’t have to be rubbish as so many believe; this can be powerful and very strong. There are lots of great microphones that offer a great price including the Electro Voice 635A Handheld Live interview microphone.



You might think by the name, it is only good as an interview microphone but in all honesty, it isn’t. This Electro Voice is truly a quality item and it’s great whether you want to interview someone or conduct some voice over work. This is a great multi-purpose mic and it’s very strong too.

The cost for the microphone is quite affordable and yet there is a lovely element to its design. The mic is subtle but extremely appealing and it is far more popular than you might think. This is certainly going to be the one that most people want and it’s not hard to see why. It’s strong and offers a great performance no matter what.


Taking Your Voice over Work Serious

When it comes to voice over, this is usually a serious business and you don’t want to give off the impression that you don’t care about your work. Buying the best microphone for voice over can be incredibly simple as long as you know what options are available. The best might seem unnecessary but when you have the very best tools at your side, it’s incredibly easy to carry out your work effectively.