Best Microphone For Singing

best-microphone-for-singingWhat is the best microphone for singing live? Thousands ask this question each year and in truth, singers want and need the very best for singing. Whether you want to sing live or practice at home, you absolutely need the best microphone for singing. However, do you know why it’s necessary to find the best?

Well, microphones are simple tools; they have an internal plate so that when someone talks or speaks into the mic, the plates capture that sound and turn it into an electrical signal. The signal is then transported to a speaker system to project the sound essentially making it audio. When someone sings, their vocals are transported to a receiver and that is what makes their voices able to hear across a room.

There are a wide variety of styles and types of microphones such as dynamic and condenser but all microphones have the same goal – to produce vocals. However, some microphones can also be designed to record vocals and can even connect to smart phones and computers. Read on and find the best microphone for singing reviews.

Top 3 Best Microphone for Singing Reviews


The Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3 Super Cardioid Shotgun Tube Condenser Microphone

Singing is a great pastime and for professionals they absolutely need a great, top quality mic to assist them. Choosing a new microphone doesn’t have to be too troublesome and it’s actually very easy once you know what you’re options are. One of the very best microphones has to be the Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3 super cardioid shotgun tube condenser microphone. This is truly one of the best available today and it just oozes quality.



The unique tube shaping is quite appealing and this will make it a perfect addition to any singer’s tools. Once you get the microphone setup, you should be able to use it constantly until the end of your performances. However, the mic does have a great rugged feel to it and that is going to make it far more durable and far more appealing as well. This is what singers want as it makes the mic more long-lasting than ever before.

The increased directivity is a great feature and this isn’t a weighty mic either. This is quite lightweight and that’s important too. Mounting the microphone onto a stand shouldn’t be too much of an issue and it comes with a fair price too. Any singer will love to use the Sennheiser.


JZ Microphones Vintage Series V11 Condenser Microphone Cardioid

Another great quality microphone has to be the JZ microphones vintage series V11 condenser microphone cardioid. This is truly a lovely little mic and while you might think the overall size is far too small for singing, it’s actually a suitable size. The microphone is great for home performances or recording and it offers all the power singers will need to belt out their tones.



However, the vintage look to the mic is quite appealing and the standout feature for this as well. The design is quite subtle and very nice too. The costs are extremely good as well and the handcrafted large diaphragm condenser is beautiful. There is so much quality on offer here and it just shines through whether you want to practice your vocals at home or in front of a large studio audience.

The fixed cardioid polar pattern is a lovely addition to this microphone and any singer should be able to use this microphone without running into too many difficulties. The JZ microphones are quite lovely and not just the design, everything about them shouts professional and it’s so unique too. The vintage look is the best point and the mic is pretty powerful too.


The AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone Cardioid

AKG is a big name in today’s music industry and it’s not hard to see why they are amongst the very best microphone manufacturers. However, their AKG Pro Audio C214 condenser microphone cardioid is such a beautiful tool and it’s one that stands out for all the right reasons. Don’t be fooled by its smaller size, this is a perfect tool for belting out tunes and performing in front of a large audience. You will love the microphone and it’s a great tool to use as well.



Singers are going to enjoy the subtle look. However, the design is very unusual in a sense since it comes with the larger cardioid design which is perfect. However, the microphone is great for solo performers as well as instruments so that’s amazing. The rugged appeal is quite nice and it’s an easy mic to setup and use too.

The integrated suspension helps to ensure mechanical noise is reduced and this will make it a lot easier to work with too. The bass cut filter helps to record with and singing sounds amazing as well and you will love the overall costs too. This is such a lovely mic and one you would be proud to own.


The Best Microphone for Singing Live

Singing live is amazing but so very frightening. If you don’t do the song justice, you’ll find yourself booed off stage! However, with the right tools you are going to be able to get back some confidence and sing your heart out. If you’re searching for the best microphone for singing live you may want to think about the Lewitt multi-purpose condenser microphone.



The three position switchable pre-attenuation pad is a nice addition and this will assist with live signing. However, the three position high pass filter is another fantastic feature and the small diaphragm really works effectively to get your vocals out. The gold layered diaphragm is a nice touch though and it really makes it appear to be a nice professional mic also.

The low self noise helps to keep distortion at a bare minimum and the overall look and design of the mic is truly high quality. You are just going to love the cardioid polar pattern and how nicely the mic has been designed too. There are so many amazing points to this microphone and when it comes to signing live, you’ll find it a piece of cake too.


The Best Microphone for Singing At Home

The Heil Sound PR 30B large diaphragm dynamic microphone is truly one of the very best microphones available today. If you want the best microphone for signing at home, you must look at the Heil Sound as it’s very lovely and super easy to use. Anyone who wants a quality tool will love this mic and it’s perfect for when you want to practice your tunes at home.



However, despite this being a great mic to use at home, it’s quite good to use this in a studio too if you wanted to. There are going to be so many who will adore this microphone and its lovely shaping is very impressive too. The microphone is one amazing little tool and this also comes with a fair price so that’s a bonus for those who don’t want to spend too much at one time.

The dynamic element to the mic is amazing and super appealing as well. This will make your vocals sound great and allow you to practice as much as you need to at home. The microphone is easy to setup and it shouldn’t be too difficult to mount onto a stand if you wanted to.


The Best Microphone for Singing Recording

Choosing the best microphone for singing recording can be extremely simple and one of the very best has to be the Rode NT-USB USB condenser microphone. The Rode is such a lovely tool and one that looks amazing and is vitally strong too. This is what every singer wants, a strong mic that offers a powerful performance and excellent quality.



However, the Rode comes with a high quality studio feel and that is a standout feature to remember. When you want to record your vocals the Rode is a true quality item and it’s going to be the one to choose as well. There is an ultra low noise feature which keeps handling noise to a minimum and the on mic mix control is great too.

Any singer will enjoy using the microphone and it isn’t hard to see why. The microphone is a lovely tool to use and it’s great for home recording as well as studio recording too. Setting this up shouldn’t be too troublesome either.


The Best Microphone Brands for Singing

When it comes to finding the very best microphone brands for singing you have many great options to consider. However, there is one that continues to standout and that is the AKG Pro Audio. Now, this is one amazing option and while there are also many others, this one really is well loved and well respected. The AKG P220 vocal condenser microphone is a lovely microphone for singing and it will compliment your vocals nicely.



If you want a strong mic then the P220 has to be it. However, it does come with a lovely design and the pattern across the microphone is very appealing. The overall costs are fairly good and the cardioid pattern is great. You will just love what this has to offer and in all honesty, it’s very strong and powerful.

Those who want to sign and put their all into a performance will adore the P220. There is just something special about it that really stands out and is super appealing. You will love how easy it is to use and how amazingly professional it feels also.


The Best Wireless Microphone for Singing Live

The Sennheiser SKM 100-835 G3 wireless transmitter CHA is truly one of the very best wireless microphones. If you want the best wireless microphone for singing live this has to be it. The microphone is a lovely tool and one that is going to offer so much quality and power. If you want a mic that offers a great strong performance and pack a real punch, this has to be it.



However, the Sennheiser comes with a fairly decent price and it’s good for singing live or even recording if you wanted to turn your hand at that. The sturdy metal housing ensures the mic is reliable and vastly durable as well. The look is very subtle and more classical but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The wireless microphone is super strong and you shouldn’t have too much trouble connecting this up to your speaker system. However, there is a real quality to come from the Sennheiser and it shows its worth so much just by looking at it.


The Best Microphone for Singing on YouTube

If you love to sing and love to share your vocals in personal YouTube videos then you ideally need a microphone that is suitable for those vocals. Choosing the best microphone for singing on YouTube can be easy and one of the very best has to be the Blue Microphones bluebird cardioid condenser microphone. The Blue Microphones are really quite lovely and you know there is real quality on offer here.



However, the unusual design is vastly appealing and you get a nice retro feel as well. You might not think that is overly important and yet it adds something more to the mic. The blue finishing is truly lovely and so appealing too. The cardioid polar pattern is fantastic and quite lovely no matter if you want a modern feel or a retro one.

The microphone does come with an affordable price and it’s easy to setup and use as well. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with the mic and you will love everything about it. It’s super appealing and very lovely too.


The Best Mic for Singing on Computer

Singing to record or put your vocals on the computer isn’t as difficult as it sounds. When you have a good mic then you know you’ve got the right tool to help. The best mic for singing on computer might be the Shure MV88 iOS digital stereo condenser microphone. Now, don’t be fooled by its size, it’s very strong and can offer a great performance as well.



However, you’re getting a fair price for this mic and it comes with amazing audio quality and clarity too. This can work with a variety of systems as well so that makes it quite versatile and very appealing too for all buyers. The preset modes are great and cover five different settings such as flat, singing, speech and loud and instrument so it’s even more versatile.

The cardioid and bi-directional cartridges really offer great audio quality and it’s not hard o see why this is vastly loved. The USB connection is easy to use and makes it super easy to connect to the computer or even a tablet or smart phone.


The Best Microphone for Singing Karaoke

If you are someone who loves to sing karaoke then you are going to want to find the best microphone for singing karaoke. So, which should you choose? Well, you might be surprised with the Electro-Voice RE50N/D-B high output dynamic interview microphone. Now you probably think by the name it’s only suitable for interviews but actually it’s a fairly strong mic for karaoke too.



Whether you’re convinced or otherwise, it’s still worth trying and you will see this offers great performance and a lot of power too. The handling noise is kept low and that is what everyone needs and wants. You don’t get any distortion even when you talk close to the mic either.

However, you’re getting a reliable tool and one that looks great and stands out too. Singers will love the Electro-Voice and it’s not hard to see why. There is a true quality feel with this and it looks very impressive too. The design is lovely.


The Best Professional Microphone for Singing

The Sennheiser e865 lead vocal condenser microphone has to be the best professional microphone for singing. Sennheiser is such a big name and one which is very well respected too and when you use this mic you will feel like a true professional. However, this is a great and very professional microphone for singing and it’s nice and affordable too.



The super cardioid pickup pattern is quite appealing and the response from this is at its very best. You are just going to love what this has to offer and it’s truly a high quality microphone as well. However, the microphone keeps distortion low and it’s easy to use as well.

If you are a professional singer or want a professional feel then this microphone has to be the one you choose. It’s very appealing and the simple and very classic design is truly lovely. This is what singers want and need so it’s nice to see that design here.


The Best Microphone for Group Singing

The Shure SM7B vocal dynamic microphone has to be amongst the very best microphones today. If you want the best microphone for group singing the Shure SM7B might be it. Now, for most, group singing is a great thing and you want to make sure your vocals are heard. However when you have a group of people it can be tough to get everyone in without compromising one or two people. That is why the Shure is widely used.



The classic cardioid polar patterns are a lovely touch and you know this will allow vocals to be picked up far easier than before. This essentially means no singer is left out whether they have a small part to play or are indeed the lead singer. That is an important feature for group singing and with this impressive mic you get so much.

The wide range frequency response is amazing and the bass roll off is fantastic. You do not have to worry about distortion with this mic and this doesn’t cost as much as you might think either which is even better! This is certainly a microphone with a lot to offer and there is something unique about it too.


The Best Brand of Microphone for Singing

Microphone brands vary considerably and while there are many good ones, deciding between them can be a little challenging. So, what is the best brand of microphone for singing? That is certainly not an easy question to answer as there are a huge variety of options to consider. However, the AKG Pro Audio has to be amongst the very best.

The AKG Pro Audio C214 condenser microphone is a standout mic and it is one example of why AKG Pro Audio is a leading name in the microphone industry. The mic has been very beautifully designed with a lot of expert detailing and yet while this is a modern mic, it offers a lovely retro feel. That is an appealing feature and it’s one that stands out for all the right reasons.



However, the integrated suspension is a great addition and this will help to keep mechanical noises low and free from disturbing you whilst performing. The dynamic range and ultra low noise are lovely features as they make the mic more impressive. The bass cut filter reduces unwanted noises too.

The Best Microphone for Singing for the Money

Getting great value for money isn’t as tough as it sounds. You have a nice selection of microphones to choose from and for the most part, they are all very impressive. The best microphone for singing for the money might be the Shure BETA 87A super cardioid condenser microphone for handheld vocal applications. The Shure is a bit of a multi-purpose tool, it handles a lot without compromising quality in any way.



However, with this mic you are getting an extremely versatile and very appealing tool and one that is highly strong and very effective. If you are someone who wants real quality, this has to be it and it looks really good as well. You aren’t just getting a nice mic, you are getting one that helps to keep distortion at a low and it’s easy to use too.

Singers will adore using this microphone as it makes vocals sound clear and offers a lovely finish as well. The costs for the microphone aren’t as high as you might think and that is why it makes a great and affordable mic. This is certainly one you can enjoy using time and time again.

The Best Cheap Microphone for Singing

For those who want to get a reliable microphone without spending a great deal there is many great options to consider. The best cheap microphone for singing or at least, one of the very best has to be the AKG Pro Audio C5 condenser vocal microphone. The C5 is quite an appealing mic and it certainly offers all the quality you will need and more. However, it’s very nice in terms of design.



The construction of the mic is at its best really and you know only the best materials have been used. The cardioid condenser capsule is a great addition here and you know it can pickup sound effortlessly so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it. It’s great for singers and those who love to belt out a tune or two.

The mic is quite rugged or robust in a sense and that is a great and very important feature. You know this is going to last a lifetime. However, this isn’t overly costly and there is still a lot of quality on show so that’s great.


Singing Can Be Your Passion

If you love to sing and want to practice at home or perform in front of a large crowd then you truly have to find the best microphone for singing. It isn’t too difficult and there are many great microphones for you to consider as well. Take your time and you will find the perfect microphone to enjoy singing with today.