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Microphone Stand Reviews
Microphone stands are very common in today’s performing world. A microphone can be classed as a ‘free-standing’ mount since it doesn’t require anyone to hold it and comes with a base. Most microphone stands are manually adjusted and come in a variety of shapes and sizes too.

A microphone can be attached to the end of the stand and positioned anywhere in a studio setting or on a theatre stage. Since most stands allow for adjustment, the arm mount which holds the mic can be adjusted to suit any height which is very useful indeed. The reason why microphone stands are used today is to simply allow performers the ability to use the mic hands-free. Mics don’t need to be held by performers as they attach to the stand so that is why they’re so popular.

Most stands are accompanied with a tripod base or a circular base and are lightweight for easy portability and transportation. Some people prefer to move the stand throughout their performance, particularly standup comedians and singers. Height adjustments can be made easily and in little time; this is through the telescoping tubes and they fit into one another so that makes it easy to adjust. There are however many kinds of stands such as the desk stand and there are also stands with booms.

Choosing the best microphone stand can be important. They can be versatile and used for many occasions so you ideally want the best microphone stand. Read on to find the best microphone stand reviews.

The Top 3 Rated Best Microphone Stand Reviews

Earthworks FW730/HC-TPB Flex-Wand 7-Foot Directional Microphone System with Tripod Base

Performers want the very best stands available to them as it helps to keep their performances sharp and versatile. Buying the best is necessary and one of the very best seems to be the Earthworks FW730/HC-TPB Flex-Wand 7-Foot Directional Microphone System with Tripod Base. That is a lot to swallow at one time but it really does offer a lot of quality. You are paying out good money here but that doesn’t mean to say you aren’t getting a great item because you are.



Earthworks certainly know how to keep their customers happy and this does offer so much for so little. You are sure to be happy with the overall quality and it’s sturdy too. Sometimes, stands are flimsy and that can be very off-putting indeed but this latest one isn’t that bad. It’s super sturdy and very useful indeed. You really can’t complain about this in any way.

Unwanted noise from the mic can be reduced with this stand. It is super easy to set up and once you adjust it to your chosen height, it’ll be perfect. However, since its seven foot tall, it’s perfect for group recording. That is something worthwhile considering and it’s going to be something that might interest you also.


The Audio 2000’s AST4211 Desktop Microphone Stand With Cast-Iron U-Shaped Base

Most people seem to forget that microphone stands don’t have to be big and oversized; they can in fact be small enough to fit on a desk! Yes, you heard it right and that is why the Audio2000’S AST4211 Desktop Microphone Stand with Cast-Iron U-Shaped Base is perfect. If you are someone who plans to do some recording at home or just want to record from the comfort of a seat, the Audio is great.

The Audio is quite affordable depending on what sort of quality you’re looking for and really helps to make recording far easier. Of course, if you aren’t planning to sit down then the desk stand won’t be a perfect suit but it is actually very good indeed. You can see the quality to come from this and you won’t have to compromise quality.

The stand has a lovely u-shaped base which is always appealing and it’s sturdy too. Now, as we all know, sturdiness is crucial and the Audio offers that and more. That is a lovely feature to say the least and it’s one you will appreciate also. Its chrome plated so it does help to expand the durability factor somewhat.


The DR Pro Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom

For those searching for a quality stand, the DR Pro tripod mic stand with telescoping boom should be your first consideration. This mic stand looks very small but it’s perfect for most and with the telescoping boom, you get a lovely additional feature.

The tripod is actually very impressive and it’s a simple design too. You have the three stand feet feature which helps to ensure the stability of the stand and it’s perfect for musicians and performers. However, the DR Pro is quite an impressive stand and it does look very professional too.



The stand doesn’t cost too much and yet, it shines through in terms of quality. The design is very simple and yet it’s durable and strong. This is going to be a stand that’ll last a very long time so that is what you want. It isn’t going to cost you much and setting this up should be very simple indeed.


The Best Mic Stand for Home Studio

Performing at home, whether it’s to record a song or put on a backyard show, can be fun and exciting but you do need a good and reliable microphone stand. However, you want a great quality tool and one that offers the best for home studio recording. So, what is the best mic stand for home studio recording and performing? Well, the RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount studio microphone boom arm is a great stand to consider.



The RODE isn’t actually overly costly and it proves its quality within seconds. Home studios are becoming very popular today and you need a good stand that works perfectly within your home too. The RODE is actually really good in many ways and it does provide most with a simple stand to help them record comfortably at home.

Setting the stand isn’t too difficult and once you have everything set up, you are good to go. There aren’t many people who will find the stand difficult to use. Setting up the stand and adjusting it later is really easy. You will love the stand and how amazingly versatile it really is.


The Best Microphone Stand For Recording

Recording whether at home or in a studio is supposed to be fun and easy but if you don’t have the right tools, things can be extremely tough. You might not think a microphone stand would make much difference but it really can. You want the best microphone stand for recording and you might want to consider the On Stage SMS7630 Hex-Base Studio microphone stand with telescoping boom. Now, this is quite a quality stand and it proves its quality within seconds of use.



Despite its low cost, buyers are getting a great stand and that is what you are going to want and need. The telescoping boom is a lovely addition and it can be easily adjusted too. You can adjust the heights from thirty two feet to forty nine feet so that is really impressive. It’s fully adjustable in terms of angle too so you can turn this however you like.

The On Stage microphone stand is around seventeen pounds in weight which isn’t too bad. The sturdy construction and durability are two main features. Once you have this set up, you can easily use this time and time again during recording sessions.

The Best Microphone Stand Boom

The Gator Cases GFW-ID-MIC frameworks ID series tripod microphone stand with boom arm is quite an impressive little stand to consider. The Gator looks like the best microphone stand boom and it really does have a lot of quality which is on show. You might not think the stand boom is suitable for you but it’s great for any performance whether on stage or recording.



The microphone stand isn’t actually too costly and that is impressive as many stands can be too expensive for most. However, this doesn’t take up too much space and it folds down nicely so that offers versatility. You aren’t stuck with a bulky stand that is impossible to put away when it isn’t in use. The one-hand operation is a great feature too.

The boom can be easily adjusted in seconds and it is truly one of the best microphone stands of today. This isn’t going to be too hard to set up and once you have it up and running, it can be used anywhere for any recording or singing session.


The Best Microphone Stand For Gigging

When you have an important gig you want to make sure your microphone stand is strong, durable and extremely versatile. If the mic stand isn’t portable or easy to transport then it’s useful especially when gigging. However, if you’re searching for the best microphone stand for gigging, you might want to consider the K&M 21080 soft touch microphone stand with extendable boom arm. This mic stand not only looks good but brings simplicity to the table.



Taking this to a local gig shouldn’t be too troublesome and it isn’t overly big either. You are going to get a lot of use from this and that is important. However, the extendable boom arm is very impressive. If you want to use the boom for group singing then this mic stand is a perfect addition to your band.

However, the microphone stand has been very well constructed which helps to make it sturdy and very strong. The simple base ensures there is more stability on offer and it isn’t too costly. You will find this to be a suitable stand for gigging.


The Best Mic Stand for Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti is a very popular microphone and it’s not hard to see why. However, when it comes to getting the best mic stand for Blue Yeti you might want to consider the Stage Line MS703B Studio Boom Mic Stand. This is an impressive little stand and it isn’t overly pricey either.



The construction is very good and sturdy so that helps to ensure the stand doesn’t topple over when the mic is attached! You aren’t getting a dodgy stand; you’re getting a high quality stand and one that offers so much for so little. This is great for studio use so if you are someone who wants to record at home studio or a professional studio the Stage Line is great.

The legs are collapsible which helps to ensure it is easy to store and it isn’t overly bulky either. However, the height of the stand can be adjusted so that’s a great additional feature and the boom can be extended also. Buyers will love how great this looks and it’s one to enjoy time and time again.


The Best Microphone Stand For the Money

When it comes to choosing the best microphone stand for the money you might find the Hercules MS533B hideaway boom stand to be an ideal solution. This mic not only looks good but makes you feel as though you’re a superstar! However, you are going to get great value for money and that is really want most people want and need.



If you want the best microphone stand for the money the Hercules may be the right solution for you. However, when it comes to quality and durability, you cannot ask for more. The stand is quite good and impressive as it makes sure it offers vocalists what they need. The sturdy construction helps to ensure the microphone stand is sturdy.

The Hercules isn’t bulky which helps to ensure storing this isn’t such a big problem. You have to remember, microphone stands can be large and that can often cause some issues. However, getting a more portable and versatile mic stand is greatly needed.


The Best Cheap Microphone Stand

For most people, money means a lot and more and more want to find the best cheap microphone stand. So, which stand is the best? Well, the Ultimate support PRO-TT Pro series microphone stand can be a great option to consider. The Ultimate Support is quite a lovely little stand and it does look to be a very quality tool as well.



The design is very simple; it has a tripod base and comes with a telescoping boom and yet, there is elegance to it. This isn’t clumsy; it looks modern and feels very impressive to say the least. However, you can be sure it’s a suitable stand for any occasion. You will adore this stand and what it offers.

The Ultimate Support has been made for heavy-duty use in mind which makes it strong and very durable indeed. This will last a lifetime and it’s one to enjoy over and over again. The boom arm is very impressive too and makes you feel like a true professional also.

Take Your Time to Make an Informed Choice

Microphone stands are important whether you are an occasional performer or a full-time professional. You might not think these make a difference to your recording session or your performance but they can. Finding the best microphone stand can be incredibly easy and there are many amazing options to choose form also. Choose wisely and choose the best.