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Studio Microphone Reviews

Microphones are simple everyday tools that can be found in a variety of household goods such as a telephone. However, microphones or mic as they are also shortened to, are very useful items as they help to capture sound. When the mic captures sound it turns or converts that into electrical signals. When those signals are sent through the mic they can be transmitted to a loudspeaker or speaker system emanating the sound.

Modern microphones can also record with a built-in recorder or via SD card features. That is quite an achievement as only a few years ago, basic mics were only used in recording and stage performances. Being able to record has given many performers the chance to alter the way they capture their vocals.

Studio microphones are very much like standard stage mics, with the exception that they are designed for studios in mind which means less distortion and more crisp sounds. Most modern mics are dynamic or condenser as these are considered to be best for recording and vocals. What is the best studio microphone for vocals? This is a question many are asking and it’s not hard to see why. So what is the best studio microphone?

Read on and find the best studio microphone reviews.

The Top 3 Best Studio Microphone Reviews

The Sony C800GPAC Studio Condenser

Buying a studio mic can be far simpler than it was once and they are truly a lot of great microphones to consider too. The Sony C800GPAC Studio condenser microphone is a great little tool and it is neatly priced and super appealing too. The overall look not only appeals to professional recording artists but to amateurs looking to kick-start their careers. Buyers will adore this lovely mic and it’s a great tool from the ever-great Sony Company.



This overall size of the mic isn’t too big so it can fit comfortably in hand without weighing you down. The mic is such a wonderful option to consider when you want to record vocals in a studio setting or want to practice your performances also. The Sony tube condenser mic has been very well designed and it’s durable and extremely high quality too. The dual large diaphragm is a lovely addition as it makes vocals sound perfect.

The cooling system built into the mic prevents it from overheating and ensure crisp and quality sound too. There are two pick up patterns to choose from which are unidirectional and Omni so picking up sounds shouldn’t be an issue in any way. Buyers can enjoy their recording sessions.


The AKG C12VR Reference Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone

Buyers who are looking for a quality mic will absolutely adore the AKG C12VR Reference Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone. This has a suitable price and its reliability is at its very best. However, it looks like a simple mic but stands out above the crowd for the excellence it brings. You aren’t going to find a better mic than this and while the price might seem a little high for some, it’s well worth it for those serious about their studio time.



The AKG looks fit for professionals who spend time in the studio and who want to record tunes also. However, this is suitable for any artist or performer and it’s super easy to set up. Once the mic is ready, it can be used in any setting and it’s versatile too. This is a vacuum tube design but this really helps to ensure the sound is very impressive.

Flexibility is offered with this mic and it really looks and feels like a top quality tool. If you buy this, you are sure to find it’s adorable and not overly big either. It’s subtle in so many ways and that really highlights its true qualities.


The Neumann TLM 170R Multi-Pattern Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Nickel

Quality microphones are hard to come by and while there may be many, it’s often hard to find one that suits your needs and offers the quality you need and want. However, the Neumann TLM 170R multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser microphone nickel is such a great quality mic. This microphone is small but powerful and with the large diaphragm, it helps to ensure sound quality is at its very best.



For those who want a quality mic, the Neumann has to be it. It’s one of the very best options today and you are going to get clean and crisp sound whether you’re singing, talking or practicing a stage performance. The remote and local controls for this mic are really nice and is quite versatile/

There are five different directional settings to choose from and those are the figure 8, the cardioid, hyper-cardioid, Omni and wide angle. These settings will pick up directional sounds from the entire room and this is especially good for group recordings as it’s often difficult to get every member included.


The Best Studio Microphone in the World

Studio mics are supposed to reach a certain quality that ensures recordings are at their very best and that when singers or performers use them, their vocals are captured perfectly. If there is one little thing off about the microphone then the recording can be pretty poor which is why you want the very best studio microphone in the world! Now, that isn’t too difficult to find if you search wisely and you might find the Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3 Super-Cardioid Shotgun Tube Condenser Microphone is one of the very best.



The design from this mic looks great and is actually very rugged. However, rugged adds a little more charm and quality to the mic and really lets users feel professional also. The tube design will ensure the smallest of sounds are picked up and the cardioid pattern is great too. There is nothing to hate or dislike about the microphone and it shows there is quality if you want it.

This microphone is suitable for all performers whether beginners or expert singers. Distortion is truly kept at a minimum which is a very important thing. You don’t want to record only to find distortion ruins everything.


The Best Studio Quality Microphone

Microphones aren’t all made alike, some are best for one type of recording and others for another and it’s hard to be sure you’re getting value for money. However, the best studio quality microphone must be the Heil Sound PR 30B large diaphragm dynamic microphone. This mic looks good and allow users to feel as though they’re about to perform in front of a large audience.



However, this is a neatly priced mic despite its quality and that is such a wonderful feature. It is so hard to find an affordable microphone without paying a great deal. The large dynamic design is plain to see but that’s good and the diaphragm helps to keep recordings crisp and simple. You get clear and very smooth sounds and that is really important to say the least.

This is suitable for almost any type of recording including instruments so that is perfect. However, singers can easily use this mic and once you get everything set up, you can use this over and over again. It’s portable so if you want to take this on the road with you, you can.


The Best Studio Quality USB Microphone

Sometimes, you don’t need or want oversized microphones as it’s not always necessary. Plus, if you want to record and aren’t in a regular studio but still want the studio quality, it may be necessary to seek a smaller more portable unit. The Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone has to be one of the very best studio quality USB microphone options to consider today. This not only looks smart but appeals to those who want a professional feel whilst performing.



Buyers aren’t going to be overshooting their budgets too much as this comes with a nice price-tag. However, since this is on the smaller side, you’re still getting the excellent quality and it’s very high quality in terms of design and performance. Having the USB connection is super useful and reliable too so that makes this a true winner.

The ultra-low noise feature is such a nice addition and the mix control on the microphone itself is lovely. You cannot ask for more! The Rode looks good and shows off its true potential; and whether you’re convinced about this mic or otherwise, it’s one to give some serious thought over.

The Best Studio Microphone for Rap

Rappers also need the best studio microphone for rap and it seems far harder to find than it actually is. You might think microphones are only suitable for singing and that there aren’t any mics designed for rap music but there are! OK, so the designs are the same but they can really offer you a lot in terms of quality and accessibility.

The Audix VX5 Condenser Microphone Super-Cardiod is such a fantastic mic to consider. This has to be a great option for rap artists and the simple design makes this stand out. You are getting a lot of quality here and it isn’t too over-the-top either, it’s subtle but unique in its own right. Buyers get a premium feel when they use this and its super durable too!



Buyers can use this during their vocal performances and find it offers crisp and clear sound. The smooth frequency response is great and it can handle anything you throw at it. There are not many great mics designed for rap but this one really offers something unique.


The Best at Home Studio Microphone

Getting studio quality at home is tough. You have to try and recreate the smooth sounds as well as ensure there is no outside noise to disturb the recording session. However, there are quite a few great mics to consider and one of the best at home studio microphone options to look at is the AKG P220 Vocal condenser microphone. The microphone is smart, subtle and offers such a high quality studio feel from the comfort of home!



The AKG is perfect for vocals and comes with a really good price. The cardioid pattern is quite appealing and it really offers something unique to singers who want a studio feel. You don’t often see this at home but of course, recording at home is necessary and extremely popular so this microphone provides you with what you need. It isn’t overly pricey either so that is a bonus point for most.

Whether you enjoy singing or love voice-over work, this is a great mic. It takes a few minutes to set up and once it’s ready, you can use it wherever and whenever you want! There is nothing too complicated about this and its design is fairly good as well.


The Best Studio Microphone Under $500

In today’s world, very few people are going to want to spend anything more than absolutely necessary and paying out thousands for one microphone may not be an option. However, that doesn’t mean to say there aren’t great options within your range. The best studio microphone under 500 could be the Heil Sound PR 30 Large diaphragm multi-purpose dynamic microphone. This has a suitable price-tag and looks like a real professionals microphone also.



The larger diaphragm is quite an impressive feature and one that isn’t often seen. However, this is great at blocking out unwanted noise during recording sessions. The cardioid pattern is really nice and you don’t get a lot of handling noise either so that’s very important. When you’re handling a mic, you can often pick up little muffling sounds from this and it can ruin a recording so having that reduced is great.

It’s rugged in its design somewhat but that is quite a good thing. You can sing all day if you want to and still get a great clear sound. The external noises are kept very low and that will make recording far easier on everyone.

The Best Studio Microphone Under $300

When it comes to buying a new microphone, it can be tough to make a final decision. You truly have a huge variety of options to consider and while many of them are good, you ideally want the very best. So, what is the best studio microphone under 300? Well, that isn’t too hard to answer as one of the top options must be the Shure PGA27-LC Large diaphragm side address cardioid condenser microphone. The Shure looks good and offers such a high quality feel too.



You are getting a lot for your money and you wouldn’t expect this to fall short of the 300 range but it does and that is great. However, this can give users a studio appeal and they can use this at home or whenever they feel necessary. That is what’s so great about this; it’s versatile and portable too. Picking up audio from around the room is a piece of cake and unwanted noise is reduced to a bare minimum!

The Shure polar pattern cardioid really makes the sound feel like a true professionals words. However, it isn’t overly big as its fair in size. It’s very important for the microphone to be good in size as it helps to ensure it doesn’t weigh the user down in any way. The design is pure quality though and great for prolonged use also.


The Best Studio Microphone Under $200

For those searching for the best studio microphone under 200 the Lewitt Multi-purpose condenser microphone may be the ideal solution. Now, this has a very simple but rugged design and that makes you feel like a true professional when using this. However, it isn’t too rough around the edges either; it’s fairly decent in every sense. You cannot find a better tool and it’s one you’re going to adore time and time again.



You are getting such a great price and the smaller diaphragm is ultra thin too which is great. You are going to ensure noise from background sounds are kept low and distortion virtually gone! The microphone does appeal to most performers and it feels superb. You cannot argue how much quality is on offer.

However, in terms of affordability, you’re getting a decent tool and one that isn’t too pricey. Anyone will love to use this during their recording sessions or gigs. It’s simply design with a lovely appeal to it and it’s going to attract people from all over as it’s such a great microphone.


The Best Studio Microphone Under $100

It’s hard to buy expensive microphones even though you really want to put your all into your recordings. However, if you don’t have the money it’s hard to buy something so it’s necessary to find a more affordable option. The best studio microphone under 100 isn’t too hard to find and it can still offer you all the quality you need and more. Don’t think just because you’re spending less it means the quality isn’t there; it’s simply not the case. You can get a quality mic for less than 100.

The Sterling Audio ST51 Large Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone has become such a sought after tool and it’s not hard to see why. This is nicely priced and comes with a lovely design. If buyers want a professional feel, this is the one they are going to choose and it does look amazing. It truly is a microphone that offers everything you need.



This has been made for long-term use which makes it durable, strong and very reliable. You are not going to find another like this so easily and its stainless steel grille and head look superb. The plated brass body also feels like a quality machine. It’s one that’s going to stand out.

The Best Studio Microphone for the Money

Every single person wants good value for money as it means so much. Do you really want to settle for second best? Of course not and you don’t need to. You might not have thousands to spend on a new microphone but you truly don’t need to. There are many great microphones that are more money-friendly including the MXL V63M condenser studio microphone.



This is the best studio microphone for the money and you will love it. Buyers are not only going to find this comes with a lovely design but it appeals to performers. There is something about it that makes you sit up and take notice. The larger diaphragm is great and super sensitive too so that’s perfect for recording sessions.

The balance is good and picks up sound as and when you want it to. Though, the mic isn’t too heavy which is great. Carrying around or holding a mic that weighs a lot can be very tiresome and troublesome so it’s great to have a lighter option.


The Best Budget Studio Microphone

Budgeting is tough for anyone but when you’re trying to find the best microphone that can be far tougher. You not only have to ensure a microphone is within your range but that it offers fantastic quality too. It sounds like a hard task and while many will find it is, there are many good options to consider. One of the very best budget studio microphone options to consider must be the Samson C03 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone.


The Samson looks like a real professional tool and yet, it doesn’t come with such a hefty price-tag. That is really important as money is tight and making it stretch farther is necessary. However, users are going to adore this mic and it really does offer the quality you need and want.

The figure 8 and Omni switchable super cardioid pickup patterns are lovely. This shows the versatility of the mic and allows you to feel like a superstar! You feel like a singer when you use this mic and it’s actually very appealing too. Most will find this to be an enjoyable piece to use.

The Best Low Cost Studio Microphone

Finding a low cost microphone might seem like an impossible task but in actual fact, you have many affordable mics to consider. However, which is the best low cost studio microphone? The Lewitt MPT 540 DMs Handheld Dynamic Vocal Microphone with on/off switch is a perfect little mic to look into. This microphone offers a smart appeal to it and with the additional on and off switch it makes it practical too.



In terms of low cost, you will find this mic to be very suitable and it should fit most people’s budgets easily. Despite its affordable price-tag you are getting a showpiece and a quality one at that. You are going to find the distortion with this mic is kept low and offers the studio quality feel too. The cardioid pattern is great as it helps to reduce unwanted noise and isolate the main vocals.

This microphone is such a convenient tool to turn to. Yes, it may be far less than you’d expect to pay but that can be a positive thing. Who’s to say you have to spend thousands if you don’t have it? Opting for the Lewitt can be such a great idea and it’s really one of the very best available today.


Buying the Best Can Be Easy When You Know Your Options

When it comes to buying a studio microphone, you really are faced with a mountain of choices and a very difficult decision. It’s hard to narrow the field down because you basically have hundreds to pick and choose from! However, if you have an idea as to what purpose the mic will server, whether being used on a live performance, to record or as a practice tool at home, it can be far simpler.

Understand why you want a studio mic and once you do, you’ll find the best studio microphone.