How to Play Guitar Chords

Learning guitar is the leading trend of today’s world. A person who loves Guitar should always focus on learning the chords in an appropriate manner and practice them daily to gain expertise. Guitar chords are the only important thing for the guitar lovers. These days you can use chord finder online to enter notes using the keyboard or the text input to get the name of chord.


Below mentioned are a few rules to follow while playing or learning guitar chords:

  1. There are five major chords included in the first step of learning guitar. These five major chords are A-E-D-C-G. The person who is involved in the learning of guitar should first learn these five golden words of the guitar. The E string refers to the top line on the chord of the guitar.
  2. The major chord of the guitar is to be learned at first and then shift to minor chords. These major and minor chords are responsible to learn the majority of songs.
  3. A little time should be spent on playing the chords neatly and pressing the right string.
  4. Always neglect chordal playing as everyone has his own style of playing the guitar. You just need to understand the rhythm of a song so that you can bring a meaningful melody out of it.

How to play Guitar?

Learning the strings of Guitar: The best way to learn guitar is to learn the strings of the guitar by relating them to your fingers. The strings of the guitar are numbered from 1 to 6, where 1 is the highest pitch and 6 being the lowest pitch.

Finger Numbering: Finger numbering can make you learn the guitar in a better way. You can number the finger in the following ways:

  •    The index finger is numbered as one
  •    The middle finger is numbered as two
  •    The ring finger is numbered as three
  •    The pinky finger is numbered as four
  •    The thumb is called the letter T


Learning the chord C: One of the most basic chords in learning the guitar is chord C. The C chord is the lowest note of the guitar, which is the third fret of the A string. The next note is played on the second fret of D string, which is E. The highest note played on the first fret of B string is C.

Take your Time: Learning guitar takes huge time so we need to be patient with it. Try to play each note from low to high position. Make the note ring as long as you can before moving to the next one. Press the third finger on the third fret of A-string. Press the second finger on the second fret of D-string and move to E-string. Give some break and then press the first finger on the first fret of B-string. All the notes should be played one at a time for a few minutes. As soon as you make this a practice, try to move fingers across all strings quickly.

Chords other than C major: We all know that the C chord is the major chord in learning guitar. However, there are two chords, which are commonly used in playing the guitar. These chords are F and G. The notes in the F chord are F, A, C where F and C chords are played by the same finger.

  • The F chord is played on the first fret of the first string. The F chord can also be extended by playing the F on D-string.
  • The G chord is considered as one of the biggest after C major and F chord. It can exactly be played in the same way as extended F chord.


After knowing all the three chords namely C, F, and G, you can play millions of songs on Guitar. There is also a key of E chord while playing the guitar. Many songs can also be done using this key. It is considered one of the easier chords to play. Another major chord in playing the guitar is the chord A and B major. These chords can be played easily once you get to remember them. Do not stick to the lines in the paper kept in front of you to play guitar. Make your own innovations while playing the guitar.


A person gets better and better while playing the guitar and you can move quickly from one chord to another once you understand all the techniques. Different people tune their guitars differently. Nowadays, different tuning apps are also available to tune your guitar. Some people also buy a capo to play guitar so that the guitar strings do not cause pain to your fingers.

Once all the basic chords are known, it becomes easier to play using a chart than to have chord spelled out every time while playing. We always recommend practicing these chords till the time the fingers don’t feel tired. Once you take a break, start playing the guitar again.